In collaboration with Procter & Gamble, the international paper and packaging group Mondi has developed an innovative system for zero-defect corrugated packaging production. The new system will be of particular benefit to food and beverage and personal care customers. The Bad Rappenau and Eschenbach plants are the first Mondi Group plants to use the patented system, which has been in operation since mid-2010. It will be installed at other European plants in the near future.

“Customer satisfaction is of primary importance to Mondi,” notes Thomas Bach, area manager Corrugated Packaging Austria & Germany. “The Mondi Pro Excellence System will enhance customer satisfaction and allow us to further strengthen our market position.”

Zero Defect project

In 2009 the Mondi Group initiated a Zero Defect project, to significantly contribute to 100% defect-free production in inline machines and thereby boost customer satisfaction. Based on an in-depth analysis, Mondi assessed customer issues and associated costs, thus proving once again that customers’ needs and suggestions always come first. As a result, system stoppages due to false gluing are a matter of the past, as currently reflected in statistics and customer satisfaction studies.

Quality optimisation

The Mondi Pro Excellence System, developed in collaboration with Procter & Gamble, allows optimised monitoring during production: each box is monitored using special sensors. Measuring ranges are set by the system, and actual and target values cross-checked on an ongoing basis. The system prevents boxes with false gluing from being assigned ‘approved’. Faulty boxes are marked clearly as such and discarded. An automated reporting system displays all relevant monitoring information and automatically generates a real-time quality assurance certificate stating that the packaging is 100% defect-free. System stoppages due to adhesive bonding problems no longer occur, and predefined tolerance values can be set to ensure adhesive bonding is optimised.

The innovative system will be installed at all Mondi corrugated packaging plants in the near future.