BERICAP’s DoubleSeal SuperShorty® closure range for PCO 1881 is already well established for carbonated beverages and still water in markets like Europe, Americas and Asia. This closure range, together with the PCO 1881 lightweight neck, offers the opportunity of significant weight reduction of up to 30%. With this closure range BERICAP supports industrial efforts to reduce costs, but also to improve environmental sustainability of their businesses.

Now BERICAP has completed its product range for the PCO 1881 lightweight neck finish with the development of the LinerSeal SuperShorty. The LinerSeal SuperShorty is a two-piece closure made from polypropylene with a free rotating EVA-liner. The LinerSeal SuperShorty is targeted at markets requesting two-piece closures in general, for UTC liner promotions or looking for transparent look. The closure performance is comparable to other 2-piece closures suitable to PCO 1810.

The product range of BERICAP for PCO 1881 consists now of the one-piece closure DoubleSeal SuperShorty in different weight variants, the two-piece closure LinerSeal SuperShorty as well as two-piece and three-piece sports cap variants. All screw caps can be equipped with oxygen scavenging capabilities.