Always strongly committed to customer development, packaging optimisation and innovation, Mondi Corrugated Packaging has entered an efficient and long-term cooperation with Arden Software to implement the new Impact 2010 CAD system and Impact Enterprise solution across all corrugated packaging sites. The new streamlined system, which so far has been installed at 12 plants across four countries, will improve data sharing and provide more time for innovations such as the production of 3D prototypes.

Impact 2010 benefitting Mondi and its customers

The new CAD system offers Mondi Corrugated Packaging plants design and manufacturing applications with unrivalled integration possibilities into their existing business workflows. Improved efficiency, increased productivity and a competitive edge over other companies are benefits rendered by Impact 2010. By investing in new tools, among them a pioneering 3D tool that comes with Impact 2010 and continuous trainings, Mondi strengthens its product development and innovation capabilities. The investment in state-of-the-art technology as provided by Impact 2010 also speeds up data and know-how exchange within the group.

“There is an obvious customer benefit from the Impact 2010 system. Not only are there extended possibilities in product development offered by Mondi as a proactive supplier of innovative ideas, customers will also benefit from improved and optimised designs,” says Thomas Ott, CEO Corrugated Packaging.

The implementation of a new system

Kick-off for the change of systems was September 2010. After a training period, in the course of which 40 people were acquainted with the new Impact 2010 system, the implementation was successfully concluded by January 2011. The value of the data generated by Impact is greatly enhanced when made readily accessible to business management and ERP systems across an organisation or enterprise, and it is this capability that Arden Software is currently implementing as phase two of the Mondi project. Mondi Corrugated Packaging will continue its partnership with Arden Software also in the future.