BERICAP’s 1881 Push Pull sports closure is now performing satisfactorily in the US market.

Raw material saving, CO2 emission reduction and, last but not least, cost saving measures are major drivers in the beverage packaging industry nowadays. Understanding these necessities of the market and of the environment at a very early stage, Bericap developed and introduced closure systems with optimised functionalities, not compromising on safety features and simultaneously supporting the global target to minimise CO2 emission (the greenhouse effect) by saving non-renewable resources through light weighting of packaging.

As executed already for flat closures, Bericap has also developed lightweight variants for its Push Pull sports caps, three-piece closure types and Thumb’Up®, a two-piece closure which can be opened with one hand by the consumer. The closures suit current neck finishes from 26.7mm to 38mm, but also fit the new lightweight neck-finish generation such as 26mm, 28mm (PCO 1881) and 29mm/25mm.

The Bericap 1881 Push Pull sports cap convinces due to its light design that does not compromise on the most effective functional attributes, including tamper evidence, high flow rates and comfort when drinking. Furthermore Bericap is known as a company with significant application experience, having previously converted major CSD businesses in Europe to PCO 1881 neck finishes through its advanced technical service network.

Since the end of 2008, a leading international brand has started to convert its plants from using standard PCO 1810 to the new short neck PCO 1881 and at the same time started using the Bericap 1881 Push Pull sports cap.