10 February 2010 – Inline coating in film stretching machines is steadily growing in importance. The refining of films enables the achievement of higher margin and better benefit. Refining results in the coatings obtaining almost all desired characteristics, from anti-static, anti-block and anti-fog to steam and oxygen barriers, coatings which improve scratch resistance of film surface or write-ability as well as primers, topcoats and silicone treatments. The RECO series provides the possibility to integrate a coating technology directly into a film stretching process with minimal effort.

For this process, Kroenert has developed a coating head based on the world-renowned and proven RECO technology, yet specifically designed for its application in the inline process.

Its versatility makes it universally applicable and highly efficient:

  • Compact construction, applicable between MDO and TDO
  • Single and double-sided coatings are possible
  • Suitable for all applications
  • Gravure coating in either direct or reverse mode
  • Closed coating chamber, low mass-volume, no spattering, no solvent evaporation
  • Contact-free web path in non-coating mode
  • Moveable trolley function, with optional auxiliary drive
  • Easy cleaning process to minimise production down-time
  • Independent cleaning and preparation of the coating head in off-line mode is possible
  • Corrosion-resistant and easy to clean coating unit chamber with robust fibreglass reinforced synthetics inlay
  • Pneumatic blade clamping enables quick blade exchanges
  • Large range of gravure rollers permits a wide range of different coating weights
  • Ceramic or chrome coating rollers available
  • Uncomplicated operation, simple straight-line web pass
  • Optional integration of corona treatment

For more information on the inline coating process and upgrading your stretching line please contact us.