BERICAP’s PUSH PULL Sports Cap Next Generation is a new closure solution for ‘On-the-Go’ consumption combining an attractive and consumer-friendly design with the latest, state-of-the-art technical developments.

There are sports closures suitable for aseptic filling in the market, many of which have low flow rates or require very complex treatment of the closure in the filling and closing process.

Due to its new design the PUSH PULL Next Generation corresponds to all requirements for the aseptic filling of beverages as this sports closure is suitable for both wet and dry decontamination. Of course the use of an aluminium foil is redundant. The advantages for production are supplemented by a great advantage for the consumer: the PUSH PULL Sports Cap Next Generation offers the best drink comfort to the consumer due to its optimum flow rate. The improved flavour experience supports the image of a product in the market.

A save sealing of the PUSH PULL Next Generation is ensured by the well proven DoubleSeal™ technology, known from BERICAP closures for standard 28mm necks PCO 1881 and PCO 1810.

The new three-piece sports cap has to secure the integrity of the aseptically filled beverage. Therefore BERICAP integrates different, fully automatic test units in different phases of the production process in order to ensure an optimal quality of the supplied goods.

PUSH PULL Sports Cap Next Generation is suitable for still and medium-carbonated drinks.

The market introduction of the new product will take place in the first quarter 2010 for the standard neck PCO 1810. An extension of the product programme for necks PCO 1881 and 38mm is scheduled.

For further details please visit BERICAP’s website.