BERICAP has developed a new lightweight 38mm closure for Coca-Cola China’s new dairy product.

The food and drink industry is urging for optimised closures that fulfil various packaging requirements and are still cost-effective based on low weight in order to save resin and improve carbon footprint.

In order to supply current customers with a cost-efficient closure solution, BERICAP re-designed its SK 38/16 LC 2-start closure, which enables approximately 15% of resin to be saved compared with its predecessor. The closure has a slit interbead band with vent slot design. Furthermore it is suitable for high-speed aseptic line handling.

The new SK 38/16 LC 2-start closure has been introduced into the market in combination with a new dairy product from Coca-Cola China, which has been launched in three different flavours: pineapple, peach and mango. The closure SK 38/16 LC 2-start meets all necessary Coca-Cola test requirements. The first bottles of the new dairy drink have been available on the market since September 2009.

The lightweight SK38/16 closure development by BERICAP supports its customers in their efforts to reduce packaging costs and to protect the environment by reducing non-renewable raw materials.

For further details please visit BERICAP’s website.