Consumer studies have shown that smaller neck sizes between 32mm to 35mm are more convenient for drinking compared to 38mm neck diameter. Realising the result of the consumer research, BERICAP developed the DoubleSeal™ 33 closure, which was brought to marketability on a 33mm neck finish developed by Sidel. The closure was introduced to the Spanish market in 2010.

The 33mm solution is targeting the ‘On-The-Go’ packs for juices, energy drinks and teas. Especially when people want to drink out of the bottle directly the 33mm diameter provides a better drinking comfort for the consumer. It is also an alternative closure diameter for larger bottle sizes for juices and milk when light weighting is the main target. The 33mm neck size supports furthermore a distinction of the product on the shelf. Neck and closure weigh together less than 6g and therefore it supports the effort of the industry to save costs, but also reduces the CO2 emission.

BERICAP’s DoubleSeal 33 is equipped with a folded tamper evidence band for safe breaking and a specific design of the sealing lip for tight sealing to ensure product integrity. The DoubleSeal 33 can be well decontaminated with all standard decontamination methods known in the market for aseptic filling.

Garcia Carrión was the first customer taking advantage of the persuading characteristics of DoubleSeal 33. One of the main targets was weight saving, but to keep at the same time product appearance distinct on the shelf.