Sports caps are solutions for ‘On-the-Go’ consumption, when people travel or take part in sports and want to have a ‘quick-close’ option. The BERICAP PUSH PULL Next Generation fulfils such requests combined with a consumer-friendly design and therefore enjoys a high consumer acceptance, which can be underlined by the increasing demand for this closure since it was introduced at the beginning of 2010. The first bottler using this closure has since launched several flavours to meet the increasing acceptance of consumers.

Thanks to the design of PUSH PULL Next Generation the use of an aluminium foil in an aseptic filling process is no longer necessary. The PUSH PULL Next Generation is suitable for an aseptic filling process and for both wet and dry contamination.

The consumer does not have to pull the aluminium foil away and can enjoy drinking after just opening the overcap and then pulling up the shutter. The consumer will experience a 30% higher flow rate compared to alternative sports closures in the market. Thus the taste of the bottled product is better and this supports the success of the product in the market.

The 3-pieces PUSH PULL Next Generation provides superior seal by the well-proven DoubleSeal™ technology. N2 dosing is a feasible option, which is often used in the aseptic filling process.