As an oxygen-sensitive product, beer challenges the PET bottle and the closure with respect to oxygen transmission. Especially for the beer market, BERICAP has developed a closure in ‘crown cork design’, the DoubleSeal™ SuperShorty® Crown O2S closure, which looks very similar to the traditional beer crown cork and it was the first 28mm closure fitting to the PCO 1881 neck. To secure the high quality of beer in PET bottles during the shelf life, BERICAP has equipped the closure with an oxygen scavenger absorbing the oxygen in the headspace of the beer bottle.

The world market for beer filled in PET bottles and closed by plastic screw caps is steadily growing. Starting in 2003 in Germany, several countries, mainly in Eastern Europe, have introduced beer in PET bottles.

Outside Europe it was China, starting in 2009 with beer in PET bottles using BERICAP™ SuperShorty® Crown O2 (oxygen scavenger). For a long time PET packaging for beer in India has been discussed. Recently a beer brewer introduced in India 1l package PET bottles for his beer and decided to use the BERICAP DoubleSeal™ SuperShorty® Crown O2 – a special beer closure that ensures the high quality of beer in PET even in hot climates such as in India.

The first bottles using BERICAP DoubleSeal™ SuperShorty® Crown O2 are already available in the Indian market.