Since its development the BERICAP closure SK 38/15 FB DS has been successfully introduced to various markets, such as natural juices, teas, etc.

Recently, together with SOLAN DE CABRAS, one of the most well-known premium water brands in Spain, BERICAP successfully introduced the SK 38/15 FB DS into the still water market.

The BERICAP 38mm closure is equipped with a slit and folded safety band (flexband) for efficient tamper evidence performance, providing a good anti-counterfeiting
feature at the same time, as well as reliable and forgiving application on high-speed lines. The sealing system has been designed for maximum tightness.

SOLAN DE CABRAS developed a new PET range of bottles (0.5l, 0.75l and 1.5l), with a 38mm neck finish, to honour the icon of the brand: the iconic 1l glass bottle previously inspired by the old Balnary (SPA) bottle, used more than 100 years ago by this company, that was established in the year 1775 and awarded Mineral-Medicative by King Charles IV.

From January 2011 onwards, SOLAN DE CABRAS has changed the existing 30/25 neck-finish bottles to 38mm ones.

The bottle and 38mm closure glamorize the product with an additional added value.