Kroenert-BMB-Drytec has offered its clients a unique service – the Technology Center – since the 1950s.
Test machines in production and laboratory format offer a variety of possibilities for test runs. New and further developments in substrates and coating materials can be brought to production readiness as much as new coating, drying and winding processes. Furthermore, Kroenert-BMB-Drytec employees are trained at the Technology Center to ensure speedy assembly and commissioning of machines for clients.

To ensure that this important tool remains at the leading edge of technology, we have started an extensive extension and conversion program. In the first phase, the area of the Technology Center is being increased by 152m² so that, on completion of the construction process, a total area of 760m² will be available. Inside the building, the LabCo is being positioned separately in cleanroom conditions. This will mean that perfect conditions, particularly for thin film coating on the nano scale, will be in place. In the fourth quarter of 2011 the second phase of the modernization of the Center will start. The PAK 610 for wax, hotmelt and LF coatings is being moved to the Technology Center. All technical machines will then be available under one roof.

Simultaneously the TC III plant is being extended. With its working width of 1,300mm and variable speeds from 0.5m/min up to 1,610m/min (equals one land mile) this machine offers countless possibilities. Thanks to the extensions it will offer even more.

  • Direct and indirect coating with a coating head just before dryer entry
  • MWC (multi-wet-curtain) coater with wet-on-wet coating for up to three layers
  • SWC (single-wet-curtain) coater with working widths of 250mm/500mm/750mm/1,000mm/1,250mm, variable and stepless application distance settings for short curtain mode
  • SWC coaters in bead mode with a distance of less than 1,000µm to the substrate web
  • UV station after dryer to evaporate water and solvents from coating media in the convection dryer and inline UV curing
  • IR radiator in first and last dryer sections

The Kroenert-BMB-Drytec group is investing more than €1,000,000 in this project which, according to plan, should be completed by the end of 2011.

For more information please contact Dr Wolfgang Neumann, (+49 40 853 93 180) or Michael Schmalz, (+49 40 850 93 160).