PackSys Global (PSG) today announced that it has been selected by Alltub to supply several high-speed lines for the manufacture of collapsible aluminium tubes. The lines will be installed at the newly acquired Alltub Mexico (former Santa Clara), further extending its position as the global market leader.

PSG will manufacture and deliver the lines to Alltub over a multi-year period beginning in early 2009. The lines, which incorporate PSG’s newest developments as well as the latest microprocessor technology, are designed to further enhance Alltub’s cost position.

Rajiv Santwan, president of PSG, commented: “We are pleased that after intensively reviewing all options that Alltub selected our technology. PSG aluminium tube lines will successfully serve Alltub’s ambition to consolidate their leading position on this competitive market.”

Laurent Musitelli, president of the Alltub Group, said, “Alltub is the global leader in aluminium tubes, which we have achieved by offering the market the most competitive products with the highest level of quality and service. The commitment to purchase lines from PSG is another significant step by Alltub to strengthen our global leadership and comply with our customers’ expectations in terms of performance, costs and quality.”