The LT250 high speed laminate tube line is a combination of all the latest technology developments proposed by Packsys Global in the last few years. It has been designed in accordance with the laminate tube user’s requirements in terms of cost per output, performance, and required options. This line is composed of a high performance seamer, a multiple station compression moulding header and an integrated capper.

The seamer includes features such as automatic splice, high frequency generators and a high performance rotary cutter, in order to avoid ovality and pinch marks. The innovative motion and loading system on the compression moulding stations allow the line to produce tubes to a speed up to 250 pieces per minute.

The integrated capper is similar to the CCM8 on the UHSL, an autonomous eight-station unit with production line interface. Our in-house top seal device can be offered as an option.

The inner barrier liner (IBL) option is similar to the device offered on the UHSL.

Technical data for ABL

  • Tube diameters: 19mm to 35mm – speed up to 250
  • Tube length: 80mm to 170mm – speed up to 250
  • Shoulder thickness: more than 1mm – speed up to 250
  • Tube diameter: 35mm to 38mm – speed up to 200
  • Tube length: 170mm to 200mm – speed up to 200
  • Shoulder thickness: more than 1mm – speed up to 200