Bericap France, which belongs to the Bericap Group – the third largest closure manufacturer of plastic closures – hosted 170 guests on April the 20th, 2007, for the grand opening ceremony of its new R&D and production facilities of boulevard Eiffel in Longvic (Dijon) in France (its new Eiffel site).

Founded in 1951 under the name of RICAL, Bericap France became part of the Bericap Group in 1980. In 1994, Bericap France bought an old PHILIPS LAMPS factory located on boulevard Eiffel in Longvic (Dijon), which was refurbished in 2005 and 2006 to relocate, in late 2006 and the beginning of 2007, the manufacturing activities of its old factory of rue Romelet of 1980, which was becoming too small.

The new Eiffel premises have a land surface of 75,000m² and building of 17,400m²; 9,000m² for production only.

In this strategic positioning resolutely turned towards innovation, Bericap combines under the same roof R&D, sales and marketing, and production – which were previously separated on two different sites in Longvic (Dijon) – for even better communication and reactivity.

Bericap now has the necessary additional floor space for more in-line production and automation of material flows for improved productivity – previously difficult or even impossible in the old premises of rue Romelet in Longvic that were far too small.

To Bericap it appeared essential to respect and anticipate main food-safety regulations of the industry, to preserve the environment and to ensure its employees’ safety, allowing it to better respond to the requirements of its customers, who are also integrating those values into their business models and expect to find them at their strategic suppliers, such as Bericap.

Special care for quality, hygiene and food safety has also been taken into account. The optimised hygiene guarantee for food safety is to customers of Bericap France, who are also more and more filling their products aseptically, an essential part of the Bericap offer, as they expect to make the difference to their competition on that respect.