REPI will have the opportunity to present its approach to circularity and Carbon Footprint control at the Plastic Recycling Show in Amsterdam. REPI joins the highly focused event for the first time in order to present how additives and colours are a crucial way to make plastic more recyclable, reducing its carbon footprint and making it therefor sustainable and circular.

With REFIT, REPI adds its 4th ‘R’ to the 3 commonly associated with circular economy statements: reduce, reuse, recycle…REFIT! This means offering additives that on the one hand correct aesthetics of recycled PET and on the other help its mechanical performance to ensure the same properties of virgin PET.

REFIT is more than a range of products; it represents the vision of REPI to integrate technology into sustainability intended as lowering the carbon footprint contribution, the main premise of a circular economy. This is possible thanks to the liquid additive and colour technology of REPI that makes it possible to reach top efficiency through the entire value chain: from the choice of raw materials to the production process, up to logistics aspects,

REPI Staff will be happy to welcome visitors at its booth A28 to further present REFIT concept and solutions to boost recycling.

Visit us: Booth #A28.