bericap hexalite bottle top

BERICAP will be one of the exhibitors at this year’s BrauBeviale trade fair in Nuremberg.

The global manufacturer of plastic closures will be presenting its proven closure systems and new products at stand 4-515 in Hall 4.

Conserving resources by more economical, lighter packaging and innovative closures

At BrauBeviale, BERICAP will be introducing types of closure that surpass the usual standards. Examples include closures that combine the desire for consumer satisfaction, such as good grip, with optimised material usage.

This is particularly true of closures not only for still water, but also for beverages in aseptic fill and hot fill containers. BERICAP will also be presenting new advances in the market for carbonated products.

BERICAP has also optimised its product portfolio in the area of sports caps and valves and will be presenting new ideas and applications.
Here is a small preview:

Lightweight yet user-friendly closure solutions for still water: BERICAP HexaLite® 26mm and 29mm

The emphasis in the past was on reducing the weight of closures, particularly in the food and beverage sector. Cost savings and an improved carbon footprint were a priority, while user-friendliness tended to take a back seat.

BERICAP developed lightweight closures to cater for market demand. Combined with a 29/25 thread, the HexaLite® 29/11 allowed a 33% weight reduction compared with its predecessor neck finish 30/25.

However, while the bottlers were happy with this lightweight product measuring just 11mm, some customers struggled with the small closure and found it rather awkward to handle. The focus was therefore switched from ‘lightweight’ to ‘user-friendly’ and the HexaLite® 26/13 and 29/13 closures were designed with an extra 2mm of height.

The new caps are virtually the same weight but look more substantial and are now easier for customers to handle.

All HexaLite® closures have a cut and folded security strip that breaks easily the first time the bottle is opened. N2 dosing is possible.

The 29/25 and 26/22 neck types are approved by CETIE.