BERICAP, the leading manufacturer of plastic and aluminium closures, will be demonstrating innovative solutions that represent the way forward into a safe and sustainable future at FACHPACK in Nuremberg from September 27 – 29, 2022. At the company’s exhibition booth no. 418 in hall 6 everything revolves around user-friendly, resource-conserving, and recyclable closures. Not only does the closure range offer sustainable designs, but most solutions are also highly customizable and contamination-proof, and have anti-counterfeit protection – for a future that is more focused on the environment, users, and safety than ever before.

Sustainable and lightweight designs – reducing negative environmental impacts

BERICAP is still committed to its long-term strategy of lower material use and is continuously transitioning its products in all categories to a more lightweight design wherever possible. The company was involved in the evolution of the PCO 1810 and PCO 1881 neck finish standards to the new GME 30.40, as well as in the development of the corresponding closure solutions. To reduce its carbon footprint and advance closed-loop material cycles BERICAP is committed to the use of recycled materials (PCR = Post-Consumer Resin). The BERICAPValve closure is development made from a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). It provides an alternative to the silicone valves that are often used in closures for spreadables and prevents the contamination of the recycling stream with silicone. The 100% silicone-free valve has obvious recycling advantages. It achieved excellent results in the INTERSEROH Institute’s certification audit and won a Packaging Europe Sustainability Award in 2020 in the category of ‘Recyclable Packaging’.

Easier recycling in accordance with EU Directives – with tethered caps

BERICAP ClipAside is a tethered cap solution developed for compliance with EU Directive 2019/904, which stipulates that plastic caps must remain attached to the bottle after opening from July 2024 onwards. BERICAP designed ClipAside to allow customers to prepare for a fast and simple change-over to tethered caps while continuing to manufacture closures with the current TE band geometry (or to manufacture both types concurrently). An early change-over to ClipAside also enhances the products’ brand appeal. Consumer surveys on tethered caps have revealed that the majority of the consumers appreciated the ClipAside caps for their intuitive handling and hygiene advantages, rating them more positively than conventional caps.

Benefits for the environment and user safety – thanks to CTS

BERICAP’s Securalink closed transfer system (CTS) contributes to the protection of the environment and the safety of agricultural industry users. The closed dispensing system for plant protection products protects users and the environment from exposure to its contents. In Europe, CTS deployment is initially planned in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark by 2024 at the latest. Securalink provides further confirmation that BERICAP is in touch with the latest trends as a solution-driven provider of closures.

Effective protection – against contamination and tampering

Another of BERICAP’s focus areas has always been product and quality protection. For example, the BERICAP Ring Peel Liner is a tamper-evident liner that provides easy, tool-free opening, clean operation, and leak-free reclosing. The BERICAP Ring Peel Liner can also be individually printed to support customer branding and prevent counterfeiting. In addition to that, BERICAP is constantly developing new closure solutions and technologies that guarantee the integrity and quality of customers’ products.

A comprehensive range – from aluminium to plastic

BERICAP is presenting its entire range of plastic and aluminium closures at FACHPACK. MALA Verschluss-Systeme GmbH has been part of the BERICAP Group since 2021. As a result of this expansion BERICAP today has a uniquely comprehensive range of closures, enabling it to cater to individual customer requirements and preferences with even greater precision. It is also now able to offer numerous needs-oriented decoration and design solutions for closures that are available on both a mass-produced basis and in small production batches.

“We help our customers to comply with increasingly stringent environmental and user protection requirements, as well as maintaining hygiene standards and preventing counterfeiting,” said Waldemar Schmidt, Sales Manager at BERICAP, adding: “The key to success is our consistent focus on solution-driven approaches. Over the years FACHPACK has offered us an ideal opportunity to present our innovative closure solutions as well as to discuss potential requirements and possible applications. We are looking forward to discussing our products and solutions in depth at the trade fair.”

FACHPACK is the leading European trade fair for the packaging industry, attracting more than 43,000 trade visitors and over 1,500 exhibitors. The three-day fair is held annually at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center. Innovative trends and sustainability have been key themes in recent years and the motto of the 2022 trade fair is ‘Transition in Packaging’.

You can find further information about our innovative products at and at FACHPACK, Messe Nürnberg, September 27 – 29, 2022, BERICAP booth no. 418 in hall 6. We’re looking forward to seeing you at FACHPACK!