In the second Crescents and Stars for Packaging Competition organised by Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD), Mondi Tire Kutsan ranked third with its ‘Merope Box’ packaging in the ‘Exposition, Presentation and Storage Products at Points of Sale’ category. Fatoş Adak, product innovation manager, received the award at the award ceremony held at Çırağan Palace.

109 projects in ten different categories competed in this year’s Crescents and Stars for Packaging Competition. The awarded Merope Box, a packaging solution of Mondi Tire Kutsan, was recognised for its design and 100% recycling property.

Designed as a shelf-ready packaging (SRP) solution, the Merope Box can be used in freezing, storage, transportation and market exposition of various products. The packaging consists of two parts and the design of the base part makes the installation very easy. Merope Box has an exclusive lock system connecting both parts and, while filling, the products are placed upside down on the part used as a cover and after locking the box it is again turned upside down and stacked on the pallets. The innovative design enables the easy stackability of the packaging and the perfect product presentation at the point-of-sale. As the height of both parts is the same, it is ensured that the lower spaces are closed during storage and transportation for preventing any foreign substance and the upper tabs are protected.

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