Dantex is well known in the field of photopolymer plate supplies, and due to the recent growth in demand from the two-piece canning and aerosol industry, Dantex has decided to expand its plate cutting and packaging lines across the group. During the third quarter of 2020, Dantex carried out an expansion programme aimed at increasing plate handling and packaging capabilities.

The Can Décor printers have a high variation of demand throughout the year and 2020 has made no exception to this rule. Thanks to the highly successful position of Dantex in combination with Torelief plates in this sector, Dantex invested in cutting facilities over 20 years ago to handle large master size plates, from which smaller can size plates can be cut. Dantex began its European plate-cutting services initially in the UK, and soon after expanded that facility into Germany. More recently, Dantex has also started offering a plate cutting service in the USA. The planned reorganisation will help meet increased volume for pre-cut plates, enabling Dantex to meet every possible demand on time and with total flexibility.

In order to meet demand for Can printing plates from European customers, an increase in floor space and staffing, together with new guillotine technology has been made at the company’s flagship plate-cutting facility in Germany. Funding is also planned for Dantex’s plate-cutting sites in the UK and USA, both of which will also undergo expansion.

Benjamin Danon, group senior director, said: “We are very proud of our position and our strong relationship with the Can Décor sector. We support this industry with equipment that is specially engineered for Can printing plates, as well as with engineering and technical support. Dantex has an enviable reputation for excellence in this industry sector and we look forward to further accelerated growth as a leading supplier to the industry.”