With a breakthrough HDPE new resin SB 1359, running even faster than 1,700 bottles/hours/cavity on ISBM equipment, Total confirms its leadership in servicing the bottle industry with competitive HDPE solutions.

Total Petrochemicals has recently launched HDPE ISBM resin SB 1359, dedicated to the consumer packaging market, such as bottles for dairy, household and personal care applications. This development, specially designed for the ISBM market, is a real premiere for polyethylene, as it offers an easy processing on standard ISBM machines, allowing converters to reach a new and wide range of applications and features.

Reaching high throughput

Trials with HDPE SB 1359 on ISBM equipments from different machine manufacturers have been performed with very positive results. High bottle throughput of above 1,700 bottles/cavity/hour and higher on Sidel’s SBO Universal™ machine can be easily reached with an excellent thickness distribution. Total Petrochemicals’ HDPE grade SB 1359 combines smooth injection moulding into preforms with excellent surface aspect, with outstanding melt strength for the stretching/blowing phase.

Unmatched properties, allowing over 20% lightweighting

When comparing to the extrusion blow moulding (EBM) process, the HDPE bottles produced by the ISBM process show a clear increase of rigidity in combination with outstanding drop test resistance, allowing further down gauging. Compared to existing commercial bottles (HDPE EBM), the weight of bottles produced with ISBM HDPE SB 1359 can be further reduced by over 20%, while still fulfilling the same mechanical requirements. In addition, high definition mould engraving even improves the design flexibility and bottle look.

What about recycling?

Like other HDPE resins from Total Petrochemicals, the newly developed ISBM grade is perfectly compatible with the well-established HDPE recycling stream. ISBM bottles made with Total’s HDPE SB 1359 will naturally flow into the existing HDPE bottle recycling systems.

Find out more about HDPE ISBM

Total Petrochemicals is organising a specific information session on this breakthrough HDPE development for ISBM via a webinar on 8 December 2011. For more information and an invitation, please contact

If you wish to evaluate all the potential of HDPE SB 1359 on your ISBM lines, you can contact us through your regular Total Petrochemicals sales representative or at