Creating a customised modified atmosphere in a big bag, that is exactly right for your product, takes some time and tools. From researching the ideal composition of air to sealing the bags and doing quality checks even after packaging – MAP for FIBCs is quite something.

Everything you need for modified atmosphere packaging to keep things running smoothly and avoid delays or spillages in your supply chain, you’ll want to rely on one reliable supplier for all you need. Find out why Masterpack is your ideal modified atmosphere packaging provider.

FIBCS and liners

We have production facilities across the world, in Thailand, China, and Bangladesh, which all create FIBCs and liners to the highest standards. In every location, quality is key. Being spread all over the globe means there is a security of supply, wherever you are.

MAP technology

Vacuum and gas injection machines, the sealing machines, the right valves, liners and bags: you’ll need quite some machines and materials to create a modified atmosphere packaging. Luckily, we have everything you need.

Quality control

Creating a modified atmosphere, sealing the bag, and putting it on transport is not where it stops. We also deliver the technology and equipment to perform quality checks throughout the supply chain. For that, we use Sensor Spot: a non-invasive way of checking the status within the bag.

Research and development

Before a modified atmosphere can even be created, you’ll need to know what the ideal composition of gases is for your product. Here we not only improve our own products, but we also work on yours. Without interrupting your own production process, we can perform tests on your product to find out how the ideal modified atmosphere looks for your product in our own R&D facility.