The integration of automated robotic systems into industrial packaging lines is an essential step for any company looking to expand its business activities and optimise the efficiency of its operations.

Propack has been designing custom pick-and-place packaging systems for a variety of markets and applications for over twenty years.

Companies utilise robots as a means of achieving production line efficiencies.

We need to make certain that when it comes to providing for our end-users that we view their current and future needs as paramount.

Advances that make robotic technology valuable to users include:

  • Greater workplace safety
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved sanitary designs
  • Faster operating speeds and increased lifting capabilities
  • Decreasing costs that make robotics more affordable

To optimise new advances, we will always have our own team of engineers work directly with our customers to solve their production line challenges and inefficiencies.

Both the end-user and the equipment manufacturer need to work together to ensure it’s the perfect solution for the user.

Propack tends to specialise in high-speed pick-and-place systems for applications such as cakes, cookies, candy, granola and snack bars, but we also offer technical equipment for the forming of those products, while also contributing highly technical machinery for primary packaging, as well as robotic packaging systems to provide required flexibility to handle secondary package styles such as trays and cartons in single or dual lane configurations.

While companies are always looking for ways to increase robotics productivity, we have also been spending a lot of time making the equipment safer for the users.

We feel that end-user visibility is important, and so tend to design windows into everything we build.

Ease of sanitation is the ability of the equipment owner to clean the machinery during either product changeovers or at the end of the work day. This is a top concern of ours and our customers.

Because a production line can be shut down for two hours or more to afford a proper cleaning, we are always talking directly with our customers to share data, to learn how we can make further improvements.

As with any manufacturer of technology worth its salt, providing a timely return on investment should always be part of the equation.

With the right solution specifically designed for our customers, the high production line efficiencies combined with robust and flexible equipment will provide a return-on-investment on multiple levels such as with safety and sanitation concerns.

Robotics aren’t the future of packaging technology. It’s here, right now, an available technology that will take you to the next stage of your company’s evolution.

Any good robotics manufacturer is constantly envisioning the future.

Just like any industry, the manufacture and use of robots in the packaging industry is a constantly evolving and maturing learning experience.

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