Mondi’s new ProVantage Fluting Frigo Forte has been developed for heavy-duty, high-strength packaging that is stored in wet or cold conditions. The fluting is made entirely from recycled fibre and produced at the Raubling mill.

ProVantage Fluting Frigo Forte is the ideal choice for heavy-duty packaging applications, such as fruit and vegetable transportation, but also for packaging solutions in the cooling chain. The high-performance fluting offers 16% better strength values than regular recycled fibre fluting. The enhanced strength values are attributable to the higher fibre content. The fibre is obtained from multilayer packaging and gently repulped and refined in a separate processing line at the Raubling mill.

Appreciable cost-saving potential

The significantly reduced base weight of ProVantage Fluting Frigo Forte does not entail any loss of strength. As shown in laboratory tests, 127 gsm ProVantage Fluting Frigo Forte can substitute 150 gsm recycled fibre fluting in corrugated board without any loss of quality. It also ensures optimum runnability on the corrugator and is easy to convert.

Broad range of substances

Fluting Frigo Forte is available in eight substances from 115 gsm to 150 gsm – all manufactured entirely from recovered paper. The high-performance fluting satisfies FEFCO 9 test requirements and carries FSC® and ISEGA® certification.

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