Speciality packaging manufacturer Parkside has developed a revolutionary protective packaging solution for the transport of high-value, delicate items in a compact format, in conjunction with a technology partner.

Rockpocket™ is a flexible laminated bag that contains polystyrene beads between its outer layers. A vacuum extraction pump is applied to the pack to evacuate the air between layers, which creates a solid pack that protects goods from damage during transit.

Developed over several months by the Advanced Packaging Expert (APEX) innovation team at Parkside, Rockpocket is available in multiple sizes and offers a lightweight and compact solution for the transportation of items.

Steve McCormick, new product development director at Parkside, said: "More people than ever before are shopping online and Rockpocket offers the ideal solution for online retailers who want to ensure their customers receive items in perfect condition.

"The design is totally versatile, creating a protective packaging around any shape of item and we can print bespoke high definition graphics and branding on pack to meet customer requirements."

Many secondary and security packaging solutions that offer full product protection are a combination of several packaging materials such as boxes, void fill and bubble wrap. Rockpocket, however, is a ‘one pack fits all’ solution, requiring no additional packaging and eliminating the need to over-pack products in order to achieve a high level of protection. Packaging waste is reduced significantly as a result.

The outer film is manufactured from recyclable LDPE or PET and the pack itself is made from up to 90% air, reducing transportation weight and the associated carbon footprint and costs.

As no assembly is required, the design speeds up the packing process and its flat edges enhance ease of packing and stacking.

Tamper-proof sealing tabs and document windows can be incorporated into the pack design, as well as track and trace features such as an RFID tag or embedded image.

To enhance its environmental credentials even further, Parkside is developing a valve less Rockpocket pack that will be made from 100% compostable materials, enabling the pack to compost at the end of its service-life.

Paula Birch, Parkside’s head of sales commented: "Brands understand the importance of their packaging in the online retail world and the "moment of truth" is often disappointing today, which consumers are happy to share on social media. Goods are often over-packed in dull secondary packaging materials, wasting valuable communication opportunities and consumer engagement.

"The branding and packing efficiency opportunities that Rockpocket offer are significant and a number of online retailers are exploring it for their next generation packaging solution as a result."