If gasses, permeability, and quality control are three main factors in a successful modified atmosphere (MA), how can you combine those? Doing checks in a closed atmosphere, without changing the composition of gasses, seems impossible. But it’s not.

An estimated 30% to 35% of modified atmosphere packages are improperly packed (Sensor Spot). Partially, this is due to incorrect sealing, but it can also be a wrong gas composition right from the start. How can you check this and not have any unpleasant surprises waiting for you when you open your MAP FIBC?

Non-invasive quality control for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)

From the moment (food) products are packed until the time they can be bought by consumers, a lot happens. From the packaging process to transportation and storage: there are many risks that can damage the modified atmosphere you created. That’s why quality checks during this entire time are crucial. But how do you do that, without having to open the Big Bag and ruining the modified atmosphere that was created?

Sensor Spot: smart foil for quality checks

In comes Sensor Spot. They have developed an innovative, non-mechanical, food sensor allowing 100% control on gas composition and (micro) leaks of products packed under modified atmosphere, without puncturing or opening the package.

The sensor works with a luminescent spot integrated into a gas-tight foil. This spot does not come into direct contact with the food or other products that are packaged. The oxygen permeability of the inside layer allows oxygen molecules to pass this layer and reach the sensor spot, so measurements can be made. This can be done at any moment in the supply chain.

Battle food waste with knowledge

Getting a grip on the quality control of your products is a crucial step in the fight against food waste. Sensor Spot is just one of the smart and sustainable technologies we use to create our state of the art Big Bags with modified atmosphere. Want to know more about this solution and the other aspects of a successful modified atmosphere? Read this blog, or ask away!