Tapì Group has continued its expansion path with the acquisition of Tapì Argentina to develop the brand in South American markets.

Through a new strategic transaction, Tapì has enhanced its presence on the South America markets, further strengthening its positioning as a growing multinational group in the packaging industry focused on the design, production and distribution of closures for the beverage market.

Owned by Wise SGR through Wisequity IV fund (with co-investors Nuova Energia Holding, EuroInvest and the management), the company completed the acquisition of Tapì Argentina. Moving from a minority stake, the Group now owns 90% of the shares, with the remaining 10% being held by the current CEO of Tapì Argentina, Mariano Paz, who will keep running the company aiming at the development of the South America markets.

This transaction brings to Tapì Group a fourth manufacturing plant that will cover the demand throughout South America, while the other three plants (one in Mexico and two in Italy) provide closures to a number of customers in North America, Canada and Europe.

Tapì Group CEO Roberto Casini said: “The acquisition of Tapì Argentina is part of the strategic development plan the Group is following, with the aim of strengthening the leadership positioning in the premium and super premium beverage closures niche. Following the acquisition of Tapì Group by the Italian private equity fund Wise in January 2017, this development further speeds up with the aim of intensifying the Group international competitiveness”.

CEO of Tapì Argentina Mariano Paz said: “I’m glad to keep developing the company I contributed to start up back in 2004. I’m sure the years ahead will be plenty of challenges and opportunities thanks to the support of a multinational group such Tapì is”.

Wise Partner Stefano Ghetti said: “We are extremely proud of the involvement of Tapì Argentina in the Group. This is the first step towards the creation of a global champion within a well-identified niche that is a key pillar of Wise positioning and strategy aimed at sustaining portfolio companies growth, both organically and through buy and build projects”.

For Wise, the transaction has been carried out by Stefano Ghetti and Marco Mancuso, while for Tapì, by Roberto Casini, Group CEO, and Claudio Giunta, Group CFO. Tapì has been advised as legal counsel by Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal while KPMG managed the financial and tax due diligence.