The ‘Queen’ is the latest addition to the Kroenert-BMB-Drytec group. In February 2011, and on schedule, a turnkey triplex laminating plant was handed over to the Bischof + Klein company. Right from the start this machine handover was a particularly special occasion – not only did it represent an improvement in the production capacity of Bischof + Klein, but also the fulfillment of a heart’s desire.

Albert Hojnacki, the long-standing production manager at Bischof + Klein, had dreamt of exactly this machine for a long time. He even postponed his retirement by a few months to pay homage to his Queen, and celebrated this occasion simultaneously with the handover of the machine. A Kroenert-BMB-Drytec laminating machine has always been something special for Albert Hojnacki – and now the best, the ‘Queen’ of laminating machines. High expectations, of course, which the manufacturer gladly meets.

The Queen is currently operating on three shifts, attesting daily to the value of new development and living up to her name.