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Non-Destructive Leak Detection Solutions for the Packaging Industry

Oxipack is a leading developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge non-destructive leak detection equipment for the packaging sector, with a primary focus on food, pet food and pharmaceutical applications.

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Oxipack is a leading developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge non-destructive leak detection equipment for the packaging sector, with a primary focus on food, pet food and pharmaceutical applications.

Our experienced personnel possess in-depth mechanical and electrical engineering expertise and are able to design a range of unique non-destructive testing methods to suit a wide variety of operational specifications and requirements.

Non-destructive leak detection for vacuum and MAP-packed products

Oxipack’s advanced non-destructive leak detection equipment is able to test all vacuum-packed items and products featuring airtight seals, including flexible, rigid and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), as well as various trays, capsules and food cans.

Oxipack is able to adjust a standard device, or create a totally customised prototype solution.
With our knowledge and expertise Oxipack is able to find a solution to the client’s needs.
With the XXXL stationary leak tester by Oxipack, big packages up to 25kg can be tested.
By using in-line leak detection by Oxipack, you increase your grip on the packaging process.
We provide a range of powerful and highly versatile leak monitoring systems that are able to accurately detect the presence of microleaks in a timeframe of roughly 20 seconds.
Oxipack’s innovative non-destructive integrity monitoring solutions are able to reliably test a comprehensive range of airtight packaging systems, including capsules, trays, canned goods, and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).
Oxipack is a pioneering developer of non-destructive leak detection solutions for industrial production applications, which have been designed to identify leaks as small as 10µm without damaging the packaging.
Our heavy-duty Stationary Leak Tester devices have been optimised for industrial applications and can be supplied in a number of sizes and formats in accordance with the customers’ operational needs.
Our dependable and easy-to-use leak detectors are equipped with a user-friendly interface and are able to test for both large and minor leaks without requiring the operator to change settings.
Our dedicated engineering staff work closely with clients to ensure the end-user receives the most efficient solution for their requirements and are able to devise fully customised devices when required.

We provide our global client base with a non-destructive detection solution to address almost all leak-related issues down to 10µm, including both manual standalone devices and fully automatic systems in inline or offline measuring configurations depending on the intended application.

Oxipack is also able to create fully bespoke prototype solutions in accordance with customers’ individual requirements upon request. The company possesses more than 40 years of experience in the leak detection industry and is committed to continually adapting its technologies to meet the latest requirements of the packaging sector.

Microleak detection services for waste reduction applications

Oxipack’s versatile leak detection equipment is able to identify both major leakages and microleaks as small as 10µm, or one-hundredth of a millimetre, and has proven to be equally as effective with miniature packets and sachets as with larger, 25l-capacity containers.

Testing can be conducted immediately after food and medicine products have been packaged, enabling customers to optimise their packaging processes and identify any quality issues as soon as possible.

Our highly reliable leak detection systems are designed to accurately measure pressure differences in the packaging and are able trace minor leaks in approximately 20 seconds that would usually require days to detect.

This method also ensures that the package remains dry and undamaged, while removing the risk of cross-contamination and reducing wastage on the production line or further along the supply chain, assisting customers in achieving their sustainability targets.

Flexible modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) testing for industrial sites

Oxipack’s purpose-designed Stationary Leak Tester system has been developed to offer simple and reliable offline sample testing of flexible packaging materials for a wide array of food industry applications.

This innovative solution identifies pressure differences within the packaging to test for both large leaks and microleaks without the need to alter any settings. Packages are placed between twin rubber membranes inside the test chamber before a powerful vacuum is generated, which creates a very small test area without damaging the packaging itself.

Our equipment allows users to manually test packaging that features trace amounts of air inside, as well as packaging containing inert gases such as packs of grated cheese, powder milk, coffee pods, coffee capsules and pet food containers.

The technology also enables the precise testing of multiple packages simultaneously in certain scenarios, with the only restriction being the fact that packages need to be placed side by side with a minimal amount of space in-between.

We offer Stationary Leak Tester units in a wide variety of sizes and configurations depending on the clients’ needs, while the system’s unique design and hard-wearing nature makes it an ideal solution for application in factories and other industrial environments.

Inline leak detection for flexible liquid pouches

Oxipack’s research and development (R&D) department has developed a portfolio of advanced, non-destructive inline leak testing solutions that are capable of being directly integrated into the production line in order to deliver reliable quality control and maximum operational efficiency.

This range of systems includes fully automated devices that can check each packet in a batch individually, while 100% comprehensive leak detection solutions are also available for certain production processes.

Until recently, certain pouches featuring spout lids such as those containing juices, squeezed fruits or liquid pet food have not been testable for microleaks via pressure difference methods due to their lack of internal air or measuring ‘headspace’.  However, Oxipack engineers have now developed a pioneering, entirely automatic leak monitoring system for this type of packaging, which has proven to be fast, efficient and reliable.

Research and prototyping of custom leak detection systems

Ensuring that proper consideration is given to leak detection as early as possible during the project lifecycle is vital to achieving simple, hassle-free implementation and consistently high-quality results.

Oxipack is able to provide expert advice and assistance regarding customers’ leak detection requirements and regularly works in close collaboration with clients to ensure they are provided with the optimum solution for their chosen packaging type and operational needs.

Our team carefully considers our customers’ process specifications and are able to adapt a standard piece of equipment accordingly, or devise a fully customised prototype solution where necessary in order to deliver excellent suitability and performance.

Oxipack systems are highly flexible and versatile solutions that are suited to a wide range of packaging types, regardless of the mixture of gases used in the production processes, allowing them to be used in nearly all applications.


Press Releases

  • German Sales Manager Joins Oxipack Team

    To provide our German speaking customers with the best possible advice, Oxipack has expanded the team with a very experienced German colleague who knows the leak detection market very well.

Products & services

  • Flexible MAP Packaging Testing

    Oxipack’s innovative Stationary Leak Tester (SLT) system has been specifically designed to offer simple and effective off-line sample testing of flexible modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).

  • Rigid Packaging Testing

    Oxipack is able to provide leak testing solutions for solid, rigid forms of packaging that would not be suitable for use with the standard Stationary Leak Tester (SLT) system.

  • Fully Automated In-Line Leak Detection and Custom Solutions

    Oxipack has recently developed a pioneering, industry-first solution that provides quick and effective micro-leak testing on flexible pouches such as those used for juices or liquid pet foods, which were not previously testable by conventional methods.

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