PSG has recently launched a highly cost effective design of a new eight colour printing machine for offset printing applications with a speed of up to 200cpm.

The new unit is available for metal and plastic packaging applications where dry offset printing is required, including;

  • Monobloc aerosol cans
  • Seamless plastic tubes
  • ROPP aluminium caps
  • Collapsible aluminium tubes

Acceptance in the market was immediate and the entire first unit series has been sold out within weeks of the unofficial launch.

“The 8 colour unit allows customers the ability to meet the increasing decoration demands of their clients” according to Paul McKay, Sales & Marketing Manager for PSG-WESCO. Where clients, particularly in the personal care industry, are insisting upon 7 and 8 colour print jobs, this is now possible at a reasonable investment cost with the new 8 colour unit.

The unit includes new features to provide greater flexibility, for 3 to 4 colour print jobs, whereby the unused inking units may be cleaned in preparation for the next job.

The eight colour unit comes with new optional features including
segmented doctor blade with easy control settings, servo motor roller control and a new fast wash up feature, which brings cleaning time for each inking unit down to around 6 minutes. The unit is capable of running either UV inks or conventional inks for both plastic and metal printing.