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Closures for PET, Plastic, Metal, Glass, Carton and Flexible Containers

BERICAP is a leading manufacturer of plastic closures for a variety of sectors in the packaging industry.

Kirchstraße 5,
55257 Budenheim,

BERICAP is a leading manufacturer of plastic closures for a variety of sectors in the packaging industry.

BERICAP bespoke plastic closures

Founded in 1926 as Jacob Berg GmbH, the company initially produced hoops and tap bungs for wine barrels before moving on to manufacture tin cans.

As the needs of the market changed, BERICAP adapted and expanded its portfolio to meet the demands of its customers, developing a specialisation in metal packaging for paints, dyes and chemicals, as well as metal toys and the first plastic products.

100% silicon-free BERICAPValve.
The 7581 for edible oil, soy and vinegar.
Closure proposals for wine, liquors and spirits.
The new BERICAP Crystal Sport closure.
BERICAP ClipAside Tethered Caps for all major bottle necks.
The HexaLite is the superlight, safe closure for still waters.
The BERICAP Ring Peel Liner is the new generation of induction heat seal discs.
SVB 38/24 SFB SHORT SPOUT for the automotive industry.
DIN 60 TAP for blow-moulded containers

BERICAP’s focus on plastic closures began in the mid-1970s. Research and development became increasingly important, which lead to the development of the first tear-open membranes and pull-out closures used for car care products.

In 1980, Jacob Berg GmbH acquired a majority holding in RICAL SA, a French plastic caps company.

Combining the first two letters of Berg (BE) and of RICAL (RI), along with the primary product, caps, the company’s new name BERICAP was created.

BERICAP development and manufacturing of bottle closures

The production of tin cans ended in 1987, when the company began to focus exclusively on the development and production of closures.

The innovative closures are used by fillers of carbonated soft drinks, water, beer, juices, energy drinks, teas, syrups and milk, and on bulk packs for water. BERICAP is also known for its patented DoubleSeal systems, comprising an inner and an outer seal and exhibiting considerable seal quality.

The product range includes closures for cold and hot filling and for aseptic products. Within the food industry, BERICAP supplies solutions for edible oils, sauces and dressings.

The product line ranges from simple one-part and two-part closures to hinged closures and customer-specific special manufacturing.

Innovation is demonstrated through products such as valves using environmentally-friendly, silicone-free TPE that do not contaminate recycling flows, or the BERICAP Flow Control closures 2-Flow and X-Flow, allowing the user to enjoy clean and controlled dosing.

BERICAP seals and closures for chemical and automotive industries

For the chemicals and engine oil industry, BERICAP offers closure systems for the automotive, chemicals and agrochemicals sectors.

Alongside aspects such as the seal, user-friendliness and product security, features to increase protection against counterfeiting play a vital role. Product piracy and counterfeiting are becoming an ever more pressing problem, particularly in the area of high-value chemical products.

BERICAP closures have closure protection that visibly breaks apart into two sections once opened. A supplementary QR code, facilitating a product check via an app, further elevates the security level.

Security printing on BERICAP closures can be adapted to the customer’s individual Corporate Design, and not just for industrial sector products.

Expansion into the global packaging industry

Between 1990 and 1999, companies were established in Turkey, Hungary, Poland, China, Canada and Brazil. A packaging specialist in the UK was acquired and integrated into the company group.

Post-2000, subsidiaries followed in Saudi Arabia, India, Russia, the US, Egypt and Romania, and after 2010 in Singapore, Argentina and Malaysia. A second branch was also established in China.

Today, BERICAP is a family run company producing on a global scale, as well as being a leading provider worldwide in its sector. With more than 3,500 employees in 24 locations around the world, it serves customers in over 100 countries.

With four central R&D centres, a mould shop in Hungary, and several satellite R&D offices in its main operations, BERICAP is especially committed to development and innovation in plastic closures for its customers.

In 2018, the company produced more than 80 billion closures in all varieties for the beverage, food, engine oil and chemicals industries. Although the focus on plastic closures has persisted, the product portfolio continues to grow.

BERICAP lightweight closures for bottles and containers

BERICAP Group sales are around €800m per annum. BERICAP is appreciated by its customers as an innovation leader, gaining confidence from customers with its overarching focus on quality.

Every year, the company invests approximately €70m in product development, new technologies and automated production processes.

The aim is to gear up for sustainable production, to make products as light as possible and to minimise energy consumption in the production process.

Today, the closures expert is supporting the full development process for new packaging series for the target markets of well-known customers, as well as providing industry-leading technical support.

Industry-leading standards for caps and services

In Mexico, a new site is about to be completed. All BERICAP production sites guarantee the same high-quality standards and outstandingly technical services.

Thanks to the high degree of standardisation and flexibility in worldwide production, the company is able to supply customers reliably at all times or to react to sudden fluctuations in demand.

BERICAP’s modern website with integrated CapFinder meets the demands of global customers who expect transparency, including when it comes to company communications.

BERICAP Shows Product Innovation in Vaping

BERICAP is well-known for caps and closures that surpass the usual packaging solution standards; with one of its latest innovations, the company underlines its position as a leading plastic closure company for the vaping industry in Europe.

11 April 2018

BERICAP Presents Innovations at FachPack

BERICAP will be one of the exhibitors at this year's FachPack trade fair in Nuremberg, where it will be presenting groundbreaking technologies, integrated solutions and innovations tailored to individual packaging requirements.

24 August 2016

BERICAP’s Lightweight Closure

The last few years have seen a significant drive for reductions in the cost of packaging for all beverages alongside with an improvement in the carbon footprint of the package. But consumer convenience became more important too.

14 June 2016

BERICAP Exhibiting at Brau Beviale Packaging Trade Fair

BERICAP will be participating once more as an exhibitor at this year's Brau Beviale packaging trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany. The drinks containers closure manufacturer and worldwide operator will present its tried-and-tested closure systems and new product features in hall 4 at booth 4-517 from 11-13 November.

26 September 2014

BERICAP Delighted with Interpack 2014

BERICAP presented its plastic closures for the automotive, food and beverage, chemical, pharmacology and agro-chemical industries at this year's Interpack.

2 June 2014

BERICAPValve on French Honey

It is now more than a year since BERICAP first launched the BERICAPValve dosing valve on the market.

15 April 2014

BERICAP at Fachpack: Hall 6, Booth 6-418

BERICAP, one of the global leading producers of plastic closures, has been presenting its products for many years at FachPack and will again be present at the event in 2013.

30 July 2013

New Internet Homepage for BERICAP

At the start of July 2012, BERICAP presented its new company website. With a new design, enhanced structure and revised contents, the revamped website gives visitors a comprehensive overview of BERICAP’s full range of services.

11 July 2012

BERICAP DoubleSeal System for Hotfill Application Leads the Way for Lighter Bottles

BERICAP's exclusive DoubleSeal 38mm cap technology is now commercially available in the North American market. The design is considered unique for hot fill applications since it will support, rather than distort, the finish, compared to traditional two-piece closures that cannot hold the finish when softened by hot filled product.

31 May 2012

BERICAP Singapore Marks First Anniversary of Production Site

At the end of 2010, BERICAP opened a new production site in Singapore with the goal of successfully advancing business in a central location in Southeast Asia and improving customer service, which up until that time, was handled from China or other BERICAP locations.

13 May 2012

BERICAP to Demonstrate Closure Concepts at Cannex 2012

BERICAP is set to demonstrate a variety of closure concepts for metal packaging, as well as closure solutions for the agro-chemical and the automotive industry, at the Cannex Asia Pacific 2012, which takes place from 15 to 17 May in Guangzhou, China.

5 April 2012

BERICAP to Attend ProPak Vietnam 2012

ProPak Vietnam is slated to take place from 29 February to 2 March 2012 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. For the very first time BERICAP will be showcasing its closure solutions at the German combined stand in hall A1, stand E 08, supported by the sales team at BERICAP China and Singapore.

17 January 2012

Aqua Carpatica Chooses BERICAP’s SuperShorty® 28mm and 38mm

The water bottles of Aqua Carpatica catch the consumer's eye with a transparent style with black letters. On the Romanian market they have appeared since last summer with black caps - the BERlCAP DoubleSeal™ SuperShorty® Eco for 28mm PCO 1810 neck with a 38mm closure.

8 December 2011

BERICAP Weight-Reduced Closures Provide Cost Savings for CARGILL

In large parts of the edible oil industry, the standard 29/21 neck weighting 2.74g is used for 1l PET bottles. This neck size was developed at a time when plastic closures were meant to fit both glass bottles and PET bottles. Today edible oil is predominantly packed in PET bottles and so BERICAP

7 August 2011

BERICAP Introduces 38mm Closure for Water at SOLAN DE CABRAS

Since its development the BERICAP closure SK 38/15 FB DS has been successfully introduced to various markets, such as natural juices, teas, etc. Recently, together with SOLAN DE CABRAS, one of the most well-known premium water brands in Spain, BERICAP successfully introduced the SK 38/1

13 June 2011

BERICAP Reflects on Successful Exhibition at This Year’s Interpack

BERICAP again attended this year's Interpack trade fair in Düsseldorf as an exhibitor. In an area of over 180m², the closure manufacturer, which operates internationally, presented established products as well as new developments in closures for various markets, such as for drinks, food

26 May 2011

Beer in PET Introduced into the Indian Beer Market

As an oxygen-sensitive product, beer challenges the PET bottle and the closure with respect to oxygen transmission. Especially for the beer market, BERICAP has developed a closure in 'crown cork design', the DoubleSeal™ SuperShorty® Crown O2S closure, which looks very similar to the tr

25 May 2011

BERICAP Releases Next-Generation Hysteresis Capping Head

For more than seven years BERICAP has offered the capping head BVK, designed by BERICAP. The BVK capping head is equipped with a hysteresis coupling, providing a constant application torque independent of the head speed and hence independent from the filling line and capper speed. Many

10 April 2011

BERICAP to Exhibit at This Year’s Interpack

BERICAP will once again be exhibiting at this year's Interpack trade fair in Düsseldorf. In hall 10 at stand E 67, on an exhibition stand over 180m² in size, the international closure manufacturer will be displaying its range of proven products and new developments aimed at a

21 March 2011

BERICAP’s PUSH PULL Next Generation Closure Finds Success in the Market

Sports caps are solutions for 'On-the-Go' consumption, when people travel or take part in sports and want to have a 'quick-close' option. The BERICAP PUSH PULL Next Generation fulfils such requests combined with a consumer-friendly design and therefore enjoys a high consumer acceptance, which can

17 March 2011

BERICAP Develops New Closure to Meet Consumer Demand for Smaller Bottle Necks

Consumer studies have shown that smaller neck sizes between 32mm to 35mm are more convenient for drinking compared to 38mm neck diameter. Realising the result of the consumer research, BERICAP developed the DoubleSeal™ 33 closure, which was brought to marketability on a 33mm neck finish deve

16 March 2011

Bericap Opens New Production Facility in South East Asia

Bericap has recently established a production facility in Singapore. The plant will provide a direct service to customers in the ASEAN states who have been served by a sales office, Bericap China and other Bericap facilities up to now. The new office will be the nucleus for further expansion of s

13 January 2011

BERICAP’s HexaLite 29/25 Closure Successfully Introduced at Naya Waters

Light weighting of packaging is a core target of the industry in general, which falls in line with cost reductions, but also follows the internal sustainability guideline of many companies today - saving non-renewable raw materials by using less packaging material and therefore supporting the red

26 May 2010

BERICAP Introduces New Lightweight 38mm Closure

BERICAP has developed a new lightweight 38mm closure for Coca-Cola China's new dairy product. The food and drink industry is urging for optimised closures that fulfil various packaging requirements and are still cost-effective based on low weight in order to save resin and improve carbo

22 April 2010

Successful Market Introduction of BERICAP’s HexaLite® 26 FB in Germany

The market environment in the mineral water industry changes rapidly. Best price offers of discounters for mineral water filled in one-way PET are the bench mark for the whole industry. In consequence, cost structures must be adapted drastically and fast. Bottle and closure weight play

6 April 2010

BERICAP’s PUSH PULL Sports Cap Next Generation

BERICAP's PUSH PULL Sports Cap Next Generation is a new closure solution for 'On-the-Go' consumption combining an attractive and consumer-friendly design with the latest, state-of-the-art technical developments. There are sports closures suitable for aseptic filling in the market, many

27 January 2010

Scavenger Closure for Beer PET Bottles Successfully Introduced in China

The world market for beer filled in PET bottles and closed by plastic screw caps is steadily growing. Germany was the first of several countries, mainly in Eastern Europe, to introduce beer in PET bottles. To secure the quality of the beer BERICAP introduced an oxygen scavenger, which absorbe

7 January 2010

Bericap Introduces Sports Cap for PCO 1881 in US

BERICAP's 1881 Push Pull sports closure is now performing satisfactorily in the US market. Raw material saving, CO2 emission reduction and, last but not least, cost saving measures are major drivers in the beverage packaging industry nowadays. Understanding these necessities of the mark

25 October 2009

BERICAP’s SuperShorty Line Enrichment

BERICAP’s DoubleSeal SuperShorty® closure range for PCO 1881 is already well established for carbonated beverages and still water in markets like Europe, Americas and Asia. This closure range, together with the PCO 1881 lightweight neck, offers the opportunity of significant weight reduction

30 September 2009

Danone Turkey Introduces Bericap’s HexaLite® 29/11 SFB 3T

In April 2009 Bericap Turkey launched the production of HexaLite® 29/11 SFB 3T – the water closure suitable for light-weight neck finish 29/25 for Danone Turkey’s Hayat brand. Danone Turkey is the first location to start using the 29/25 neck finish and has modified most of its exi

3 September 2009

Bericap’s THUMP’UP Introduced by AGUA SAN BENEDETTO

AGUA SAN BENEDETTO SPAIN recently decided to introduce the THUMB'UP® sports closure 26.7mm for their still water FUENTE PRIMAVERA AGUA MINERAL, filled in 330ml and 500ml bottles in Spain, which completes their range of products. The company has chosen the THUMB'UP from BERICAP suit

20 July 2009

Bericap – The World Specialist for Advanced Sustainable Plastic Closures

The plastic closures that Bericap offers to the beverage, lube oil, edible oil, chemical, juice, milk and agro industries are perfectly adapted to critical packaging requirements such as product integrity against contamination, comfort and security to end-consumer, protection against oxygen ingre

28 May 2009

Bericap’s Transatlantique Dispensing Closure System Allows One-Hand Opening

Despite its glamorous name referring to its smokestack shape, Transatlantique dispensing closure (ref 4355), which was designed by Bericap for Monin, the French premium syrups company, and offers more than 100 flavours in more than 100 countries, is a real plus for bar staff always looking for ti

27 April 2009

Bericap’s SVT 37.5 – A Consumer-Oriented Solution for Gear Oil

Product development discussion with FUCHS EUROPE SCHMIERSTOFFE has proved that the telescopic closures used in the past do not fulfil the requirements of a modern closure (consumer-friendly handling and supporting requirements on safety). Together, a target was decided: the development of a teles

30 March 2009

Market Introduction of SuperShorty® Eco

From a very early stage BERICAP recognised the necessity to develop light weight closures for the beverage industry in order to reduce the packaging cost for its partners and at the same time help the environment by reducing CO2 emission (green house gas effect), using less raw material to suppor

12 March 2009

Extension of Sports Closure Range to Suit Sustainability and Application

BERICAP is developing its sports caps in its R&D centre of Dijon (France) and is currently producing several billion units of sports caps in five of its 20 production premises. As the main focus nowadays is to save non-renewable resources, to improve carbon footprint, as well as cost reductio

3 December 2008

The BERICAP Light Weight Product Range for Still Water

BERICAP has developed the closure range, HexaLite®, for the bottling of still water. The HexaLite exists as HexaLite 26 FB, suitable for light weighted 26mm neck finish and the HexaLite 29 FB, which is suitable for a light weighted 30mm neck finish. The HexaLite 26 FB and the correspond

20 October 2008

BERICAP’s SuperShorty® and Sportscap for PCO 1881

The market introduction of BERICAP SuperShorty® is progressing. After the conversion of beer in PET from PCO 1810 to PCO 1881 in Germany, SuperShorty has been introduced for aseptic filling in China and for carbonated drinks in Europe. Within the next few months, BERICAP will increase its capacit

10 September 2008

Probiotic Dispensing Closure

BERICAP and BioGaia join forces to offer beverage brand owners and bottlers, a unique solution for probiotics and other ingredients to create new concepts of functional and health enhancing drinks; LifeTop® cap. Under the name of LifeTop® the Swedish company BioGaia, specialis

3 August 2008

Brands, the Most Valuable Asset Companies Own, Need Protection

Brands have been built up through investment in research, design and quality, furthermore in creating and maintaining consumer satisfaction and loyalty - which is at the heart of the success of manufacturers of branded goods. Trust in the quality and safety of brands is fundamental to c

14 July 2008

ECOLAB Healthcare Europe

As the world leader in premium commercial cleaning and sanitizing, ECOLAB has grown to US$5 billion in global sales. In more than 160 countries, businesses rely on more than 23,000 associates worldwide to keep their operations clean and sanitary. In late 2007, E

23 April 2008

Regional Supply of SK40/24 PV4 Cap for Chevron Global Lubricants

Bericap Asia secured a contract with Chevron International for supply of 40mm screw caps for the new consumer pack design for the Caltex and Chevron brands of automotive products. The contract covers regional supply of caps to plants in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines,

14 January 2008

BERICAP’s P2 REL ALU receives the Cans of the Year Awards 2007 in Silver

BERICAP was recently awarded the Cans of the Year Awards 2007 for ends, caps and closures in silver for its P2 REL ALU closure. The Cans of the Year Awards was awarded at the Canmaker summit which took place in Chicago, USA. The award is presented to those companies which have introduced innovati

6 November 2007

BERICAP’s SuperShorty®

BERICAP is progressing with the market introduction of the SuperShorty®. Meanwhile two beer bottlers have switched from PCO 1810 (the so called PCO 28) to PCO 1881. Further companies will follow shortly. The next conversion projects do not only concern beer bottlers, but also CSD and water b

24 October 2007

Bericap’s TSV 40 SP

It is a testament to excellent service when a tailor made solution contributes to a customer's success and performance on the marketplace. This may a revolutionary development or a seeming small improvement of existing products. It has always been Bericap's commitment to strengthen the

2 July 2007

7128 Cap for Five Litre PET Bottle of Edible Oil in China

Bericap has developed a new closure for the five litre edible oil bottle used by Kerry Oil Group, the manufacturers of the most popular edible oil brand in China: 'Arawana.' Earlier this year, Kerry Oil merged with Wilmar to form the largest edible oil company in Asia. Produced by Beric

12 June 2007

BERICAP Launches Its Galileo II Closure in Brazil

BERICAP has recently developed a 'vinegar' version of its Galileo II closure, introducing a new neck-finish to the market. The Galileo II closure is a two-piece, flip-top closure weighing 3g. The base, which is the sealing element between bottle and closure, is made of Polyethylene, whi

6 February 2007

BERICAP Has Launched Its P2 REL ALU Closure for UN-Approved Packaging

Paint sundries such as thinners and solvents tend to be packaged in metal containers, ideally equipped with BERICAP closures. Depending on product formulations and storage temperatures, solvents have a tendency to permeate through plastic closures, regardless of materials used for the constructio

29 August 2006

BERICAP Receives NUMICO Booster Award 2006 for Packaging

BERICAP received the NUMICO Booster Award 2006 for Packaging for outstanding contribution in the development of a new plastic closure for baby and clinical nutrition product lines. This happened at the occasion of the NUMICO Booster Awards 2006 ceremony that took place in Amsterdam on M

19 June 2006


Kirchstraße 5
55257 Budenheim

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