Multiple challenges are present in the field of load unitization: on one hand the increasing request to reduce the amount of packaging and on the other hand improved load securing during manipulation and transport remains highly important. This is reflected in new and stricter European guidelines on packaging and waste reduction and on load securing. Total Petrochemicals offers polymer resins adapted to different types of load unitization that can tackle these challenges.

Stretch hood is the end-of-line packaging solution with the highest growth rate and where the packer can combine down-gauging and higher stretching to reduce packaging weight while maintaining the load securing: tamper proof, water proof and vertical tension on the pallet.

Products that can be used in the stretch hood

Total Lumicene® products:

  • M 1810 EP (d= 0.918, MI2 = 1.1)
  • M 1811 PCE (d = 0.918, MI2 = 1.1, with slip and antiblock)
  • M 2310 EP (d= 0.923, MI2 = 0.9)

Total Eva products:

  • 1003 VN 4 (VA% = 13.5; MI2 = 0.4)
  • 1005 VN 5 (VA% = 17; MI2 = 0.75)

Key features of Total stretch hood recipes

Total Lumicene® products bring you excellent puncture resistance, easy processing with excellent thickness repartition and a glossy appearance.

Total Eva products bring you a high stretching performance, fast snap back time and a high holding force during manipulation and transport.

Depending on the load, the requirements towards stretch hood properties can vary. Here we present some typical case studies.

Case study: bricks

Main requirements:

  • Good puncture resistance
  • Waterproof
  • Medium holding force
  • Easy printing

Key features of Total recipe for bricks:

  • No holes
  • Tight sealing
  • Fast snap back and good holding force on the pallet
  • Multiple formats possible thanks to excellent performance on different stretch ratios
  • Easy printing

The Total recipe brings you waterproof stretch hood, even on brick pallets where sharp edges are present.

Case study: appliance

Main requirements:

  • High tenacity
  • High optics
  • Nice packaging appearance
  • Stretching from 50% up to 100% to have excellent multi-format performance

Key features of Total recipe for appliance:

  • Tamper proof due to high tenacity
  • Very nice packaging appearance: high gloss and excellent transparency; no wrinkles
  • Stretching from 50% up to 100%
  • Capability to perform on multiple format

The Total recipe brings you high stretch performance without the need to add plastomers to your formulation.