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Sustainability in the Global Packaging Industry 2011-2012

This report, entitled 'Sustainability in the Global Packaging Industry 2011-2012: Market Trends and Opportunities, Profitability and Budget Forecasts, Packaging Industry Procurement and Marketing Initiatives', is the result of an extensive survey drawn from ICD Research's exclusive panel of leading packaging industry companies. As sustainability emerges as a strong theme in the present business environment, this report provides the reader with a definitive analysis of what sustainability means to the packaging industry and how it is being implemented. Furthermore, this report grants access to the opinions and strategies of business decision makers and competitors and examines their actions surrounding sustainable procurement practices and marketing green initiatives. Additionally, the report provides access to information categorized by region, company type and company turnover.

The most important sustainability initiatives, as perceived by packaged goods manufacturer respondents, are "driving waste and inefficiency out of the supply chain", "waste management" and "weight reduction", as expressed by 74%, 59% and 59% of respective respondents. The top three sustainability initiatives for packaging converters include "innovation in packaging design", "driving waste and inefficiency out of the supply chain" and "waste management". Many converters are keen to invest in "innovation in packaging design" and "waste management" techniques in order to increase operational efficiency.