Sulapac Packaging Gateway awards

Sulapac, a pioneering material innovation company based in Helsinki, Finland, has won two awards in the 2024 Packaging Excellence Awards in the Innovation and Environmental categories.

The Packaging Gateway Excellence Awards celebrate the greatest achievements and innovations in the industry. Powered by the business intelligence of GlobalData, the programme provides a platform to recognise the people and companies that are driving change in the industry.

Sulapac won the awards for developing bio-based, biodegradable and recyclable materials that offer sustainable alternatives to conventional plastics, while ensuring compliance with the most demanding customer and industry standards and fostering a circular economy through strategic partnerships.

Innovating for a cleaner future

Sulapac cosmetics packaging

Sulapac’s innovation is evident in its development of bio-based materials that meet the stringent requirements of the beauty and cosmetics industry. The launch of Sulapac® Luxe and Luxe Flex materials suitable, for example, for luxury fragrance caps, demonstrates the company’s ability to provide sustainable alternatives without compromising on quality or aesthetics. The new materials address the beauty industry’s challenge of finding eco-friendly packaging that still delivers the luxury feel and performance expected by high-end brands.

Sulapac® Luxe materials boast characteristics such as high density, resistance to temperature fluctuations, and a ceramic feel, which are essential for maintaining the allure of luxury products.

Scalable solutions for global impact

The company’s innovative approach extends to various manufacturing technologies, including thermoforming and 3D printing. Sulapac Flow 1.7, for instance, is a versatile material that can replace conventional plastics such as polystyrene (PS), polypropylene (PP), and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) in thermoformed products. The material is industrially compostable certified and free from hazardous chemicals. Its compatibility with existing manufacturing processes and its ability to be both mechanically and chemically recycled underscore Sulapac’s commitment to providing practical, scalable, and sustainable solutions. The material’s natural texture and feel distinguish it from conventional plastic, while the level of detail achievable ensures premium quality.

Joona Kontinen, Sulapac

“We are delighted by the recognition and attention our material innovation for thermoforming has received, as it represents a significant breakthrough for the environment by reducing CO2 emissions and the consumption of fossil-based plastics in a practical and scalable way with the highest quality.” – Joona Kontinen, Growth and Innovations Manager, Sulapac.

Regulatory compliance and low carbon footprint

Sulapac’s materials not only offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastics today, but enable companies to meet their sustainability targets and regulatory requirements in the long-term. Sulapac materials are fully aligned with European Commission’s upcoming Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) as well as the Ecodesign requirements. By following closely and actively influencing the regulatory developments, Sulapac ensures that its materials are poised for widespread adoption, helping brands transition to more sustainable packaging options that support their sustainability strategy.

The low carbon footprint of Sulapac materials, such as Sulapac Flow 1.7, is another key factor in the company’s recognition in the Environmental category. By maximising the biobased content and prioritising the use of industrial side streams and recycled biodegradable biopolymers, Sulapac is actively reducing the environmental impact of packaging, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change.

Partnerships driving circular economy

Sulapac’s partnership with TotalEnergies Corbion exemplifies its proactive approach to reducing the carbon footprint of cosmetic packaging. By integrating recycled biodegradable biopolymers into its materials, Sulapac is enabling cosmetic companies to embrace a circular economy model. The collaboration not only provides a sustainable packaging option but also promotes the recycling of waste materials, closing the loop, and enhancing resource efficiency.

Sulapac recyclable cups

Sulapac’s closed-loop projects, such as the initiatives with Slush and Burger King Finland, showcase its commitment to creating a sustainable system where materials can be reused, collected, and recycled effectively.

By adopting reusable cups made of 100% bio-based Sulapac Solid material, and collaborating with Sulapac to ensure their effective recycling post-use, events and restaurants can reduce waste, decrease CO2 emissions, and eliminate harmful microplastics, setting an example for the rest of the industry to follow.

Tackling microplastics and toxic residues

Sulapac plastic alternatives

One of the most pressing environmental issues associated with plastic is the proliferation of microplastics. Sulapac’s materials are designed to leave no permanent microplastics or toxic residues behind in any stage of the product lifecycle, addressing this global concern. The biodegradability of each Sulapac material is ensured by standardised tests conducted by independent accredited third-party laboratories.

“As a science-based company, all our environmental claims are validated by scientific evidence and rigorous testing, and the results are open for anyone to review. Transparency and integrity are integral parts of our culture”, Joona Kontinen, Sulapac’s Growth and Innovations Manager concludes.

Company Profile

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Sulapac Ltd is an award-winning material innovation company bringing solutions to the global plastic crisis. By replacing conventional plastic with sustainable, beautiful, and functional Sulapac materials, companies can reduce their carbon footprint, eliminate microplastic pollution, and advance the circular economy. Sulapac materials can be used in a range of applications and with various technologies including injection molding, extrusion, 3D printing, and thermoforming, allowing scalable impact. The Helsinki-based company was founded by three scientists in 2016 and serves customers across various industries on three continents. Investors behind Sulapac®, the patented material innovation, include CHANEL and Sky Ocean Ventures.

Contact Details

Joona Kontinen

Growth & Innovations Manager,

Doctoral Researcher


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