Inside Packaging Magazine: Issue 15

27 February 2014 (Last Updated September 14th, 2017 12:58)

The latest issue of Inside Packaging is all about creative sustainability. We look ahead to 2015 to give you the key design trends, investigate the recycling obstacles brands face, analyse the evolution of beauty packaging, track the success of gluten products, learn about a new way to drink wine and find out what is holding sustainable solutions back

Inside Packaging Magazine: Issue 15

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Issue 15

To keep up with the latest design and material developments we dedicate our special feature to the sensory-based Future Light trend in the second of our four part feature, as well as looking at how the reduction of packaging could assist with the excess waste problem.

We explore the many factors that are influencing the next wave of beauty packaging innovations, in addition to tracing the timeline of gluten free products, from their humble beginnings to eye-catching branding.

Moreover, we speak to design brand company Stranger and Stranger to find out about their eco-friendly paper wine bottle and learn about the challenges that the renewable material sector is facing before it will be implemented on a larger-scale.

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In this issue

Trends for 2015: Light and Airy
As packaging designers are gearing up for 2015 we look at the key trends for next year. In the second of four features, Lucy Ingham profiles the sensory-based ‘Future’s Light’ trend.
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The Price of Going Green
The technology is ready, so what’s holding sustainable packaging back? Precision Color Graphics president John Goeden tells Susanne Hauner which challenges remain in the large-scale adoption of renewable materials.
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Green Wine
The paper wine bottle is a revolutionary alternative to the traditional glass format. Sonia Sharma caught up with Kevin Shaw, Founder and Creative Director of Stranger and Stranger to learn more.
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The Technicolour Aisle
As awareness around gluten free products rises, brands are starting to use eye-catching branding to escape the clinical aesthetic traditionally associated with free from food. Stephanie Phillips investigates.
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The Changing Face Of Beauty Packaging
Changing demographic structures, longer life expectancies, rising environmental awareness and growing urban populations are set to shape the next wave of innovations in health and beauty packaging. Canadean Intelligence gives Packaging & Converting Intelligence the low-down.
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Problem Packaging
Although legislation has led to the increased recycling and reduction of packaging, the issue of over excess waste persists. Frances Marcellin looks at the problem of over packaging and exciting new innovations that simply disappear.
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Next Issue: May 2014

As packaging designers gear up for 2015 we look at the key trends for next year, which include geometric shapes and structures with bold and graphic prints.

Also, we look at airless technology and its use in beauty packaging, profile the new self expiring medical packaging and consider how technology and packaging cross to develop innovative packaging concepts to reduce food waste.

Moreover, we take a look at 3D printing and ask whether the technology can be beneficial to the packaging industry.

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