From sustainable advances in packaging converting to insights from industry leaders like PepsiCo, this digital magazine provides essential knowledge and practical strategies to safeguard operations and thrive in the cyber age.

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Going through this insightful and thought-provoking issue, you’ll discover actionable news, features, and thought leadership from experts, including:

Sustainable advances in packaging converting

High energy and raw material prices combined with wage inflation are pushing packaging sector converters to reduce waste, and costs. For added benefit, it is helping the industry to meet consumer and regulator sustainability requirements. Laura Syrett reports.

Short run digital printing success

Digital printing is set to continue in food and beverage labelling with experts telling Liz Newmark short runs are proving to be most popular.

The connected worker manufacturing revolution

Eric Whitley, smart manufacturing director at L2L, outlines how connected worker technologies are boosting safety, efficiency, and sustainability in the packaging industry.

Behind PepsiCo’s packaging operations

PepsiCo’s chief sustainability officer for Europe Archana Jagannathan tells Claire Jenns about the company’s latest packaging innovations, research, and consumer engagement.

Balancing act

Governments must create informed and fair sustainable packaging policies write scientists Nathan Wood, Dr Aaron Yeardley, Natalie Bavis and Dr Torill Bigg from carbon consultancy service, Tunley Engineering.

And that’s not all…

A cyber security supplement explores the various facets of cyber security in the context of the packaging industry.

In this special extension of the magazine, you’ll find articles that are engaging, informative, and actionable. These include:

The state of cybersecurity in 2023: trends, threats and market forecast : explores the current landscape of cybersecurity, highlighting emerging trends, evolving threats, and providing a market forecast for the industry.

How cybersecurity is impacting the packaging industry : examines the influence of cybersecurity on the packaging sector, discussing the implications, challenges, and opportunities it presents to the industry.

Safeguarding the packaging sector against cyber threats : focuses on the measures and strategies implemented to protect the packaging industry from potential cyber threats, emphasizing the importance of robust cybersecurity practices.

Avery Dennison takes leading role in cybersecurity : showcases Avery Dennison‘s prominent position in the cybersecurity field, highlighting their innovative solutions, initiatives, and contributions to enhancing digital security.

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