Packaging industry careers: Top five round-up

Deborah Williams 8 May 2019 (Last Updated May 8th, 2019 17:36)

The billion dollar global packaging industry offers numerous specialised jobs that require candidates with a meticulous eye for detail and materials knowledge. From label designers and solutions engineers to production and management, what are the top five most popular packaging industry careers in 2019?

Packaging industry careers: Top five round-up
Packaging industry careers: Top five roundup. Credit: geralt via Pixabay

Packaging Gateway explores the top five most popular packaging industry careers in 2019.


1) Packaging designer

Probably one of the most popular packaging industry careers, packaging designers sit at the heart of the sectors creative realm. From designing graphics to working alongside engineers, copywriters and compliance managers, packaging designers flex their creative muscles to create packaging that will mould a brand’s visual identity and appeal to its intended target market. The salary for a packaging designer job starts from around £17K for an entry-level position and can go all the way up to £60K for senior/managerial role.


2) Packaging engineer

Like packaging designers, packaging engineering jobs sit at the top of the popularity table. Taking home an average of just over £30k a year, packaging engineers design, test, implement and review packaging designs as part of a company’s product development procedure. According to policy and procedure template specialist Bizmanualz, packaging engineers’ essential duties and responsibilities include to establishing standards and guidelines for supplier evaluations, participating in product introduction teams, identifying and implementing cost saving initiatives, and working closely with global suppliers, engineering, product management, operations, and sourcing.


3) Packaging buyer

Dependent on the scale of a companies or project, packaging buyers may be required to work alongside the packaging engineer to check the quality and costs of the packaging materials. Packaging buyers must be highly proficient in budgeting and carrying out financial audits, and have excellent communication skills to handle vendors and suppliers. Salaries for this role are around £25k to £50k a year.


 4) Packers, sorters and shippers

Assembly line workers, such as packers, sorter and shippers are an essential element of the packaging industry. Responsible for the everyday running of packaging production, this job role requires organisational, time-management and communication skills, and can be a career-entry stepping stone due to the minimal experience required. Assembly line workers can expect to earn an average pay of around £8.08 per hour or £14k to £24k annually.


5) Compliance manager

 Designed to ensure companies adhere to industry laws, regulations and specific codes of conduct, the packaging compliance manager must have a special interest in research and dissecting legal jargon. Tasks required for this role include defining ingredients, notices and warning labels for packaging designers and marketing specialists. Compliance managers can expect to earn around £30k-£40k annually.


Other packaging industry careers to look out for are: Consumer behaviour analysts, packaging buyer, packaging specialists, packaging operators and food scientists.