Procter & Gamble (P&G) has introduced a new concentrated mouthwash called Crest Scope Squeez, bringing the benefits of concentrated products to the mouthwash category.

This marks P&G’s first concentrated mouthwash product. The innovative packaging of Crest Scope Squeez offers significant advantages in terms of reduced packaging and customisable product strength, making it a convenient option for consumers.

Less packaging, more doses

The Crest Scope Squeez mouthwash comes in a palm-size squeeze bottle that delivers the same doses as a regular 1 Litre bottle but with considerably less packaging.

P&G states that Scope Squeez uses 70% less packaging than a 500-ml Scope mouthwash bottle. Each bottle of Scope Squeez provides up to 50 doses, offering consumers long-lasting use.

Variety and pricing

In March 2023, Scope Squeez was introduced in two flavours: Original Mint and Cool Peppermint. The suggested retail price for the product is $7.99.

While prices may vary across outlets, the concentrated mouthwash is priced similarly to the non-concentrated alternative, making it an affordable option for consumers.

Customised Dosing and Convenience: How Scope Squeez Works and Its Environmental Benefit

To create a personalised dose of mouthwash, consumers can utilise the friction-fit dosing cup, which doubles as an overcap on the Scope Squeez package.

By adding water up to the fill line (20 ml) and squeezing in one or two squirts of concentrate, consumers can customise the strength of the reconstituted mouthwash.

P&G suggests using up to four squirts per day based on personal preference.

The small size of the package makes it highly portable, ideal for on-the-go use. Additionally, it occupies significantly less counter space compared to conventional mouthwash bottles.

The reduced packaging material of Scope Squeez also offers sustainability benefits, although P&G has not emphasised this aspect to consumers.

Features and potential challenges

The Scope Squeez pack by P&G comprises a clear polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle with a capacity of 50 ml (1.69 fl oz). The bevelled sides of the bottle pay homage to the angular design of the full-size Crest Scope Classic mouthwash bottle.

A full-body shrink label on the Scope Squeez bottle ensures tamper evidence and serves as a canvas for graphics. Consumers can remove the portion of the shrink label that covers the dosing cup using the perforations at the top.

The bottle features a push-down-and-twist child-resistant closure with arrow-shaped cutouts indicating the direction for opening. However, the package lacks explicit instructions to push down before twisting the closure, which may cause inconvenience for consumers during opening and closing.

The closure prevents leaks when securely tightened, even when the bottle is squeezed upside down.

It is important to note that if the closure is not tightly closed, leakage may occur, as experienced by Packaging Digest when purchasing a Scope Squeez package online.

Recycling challenges and vibrant packaging

The PET bottle used for Scope Squeez is theoretically recyclable. However, in practical terms, the overcap, closure, shrink label and any valve or dispensing component inside the bottle need to be removed before recycling the bottle.

The package design of Scope Squeez is visually engaging, providing ample information on the small package. Most of the text is printed in white against a black or coloured background, which can pose challenges in terms of legibility. The font for “Squeez” starts out plump but gradually thins, potentially conveying the idea of dilution.

The stylised tail of the “Q” resembles a drop of water, a squirt of concentrate, or even a tongue.

Highlighted on the package are callouts in red circles, reminiscent of the red “O” in the Scope logo. These callouts, using various font sizes and letter cases, emphasise freshness, the equivalent of a 1-Litre bottle and the elimination of bulkiness associated with traditional mouthwash bottles.

Similarities with Mio Concentrated Beverage Flavouring

The packaging concept and product idea behind Crest Scope Squeez bear similarities to Mio, a concentrated beverage flavouring that was launched in a portable droplet-shaped container in 2011.

Mio allowed consumers to customise the flavour intensity of their beverages by adding the desired amount of flavouring.