In the dynamic landscape of the packaging industry, traditional labels are making room for their more versatile counterpart – extended labels.

Darrin Lerud, Technical Customer Success Manager at Fortis Solutions Group, sheds light on the transformative potential of extended labels and their impact on packaging solutions.

Extended labels provide a solution to the challenge of accommodating multilingual information on packaging.

Lerud explains, “We developed a way to translate the ‘nutritional facts’ and ‘instructions for use’ into French on a separate label layer.”

With global markets in mind, companies can now seamlessly navigate regulatory requirements and consumer preferences across diverse linguistic landscapes.

Innovative features amplifying product messaging

The evolution of extended labels isn’t merely about space; it’s about enhancing product messaging.

Lerud elaborates, “We offer various extended content labels with different embellishments, such as raised varnishes and foils.”

From QR codes to anti-counterfeiting measures, these labels serve as interactive platforms, engaging consumers with enriched content like recipes and coupons.

Driving compliance and consumer safety

In industries like nutraceuticals and chemicals, extended labels play a pivotal role in ensuring compliance and consumer safety.

Lerud highlights, “Booklet labels ensure that all known facts are stated and provide phone numbers to emergency services.”

By providing comprehensive information on hazards and precautions, these labels not only meet regulatory standards but also uphold brand integrity and consumer trust.

Navigating challenges, embracing partnerships

Despite the advantages, companies face challenges in implementing extended labels, particularly regarding design and logistics.

Lerud emphasises the role of partnerships, stating, “Our design team steps in and offers design and layout assistance.”

By fostering collaborative relationships, companies can overcome hurdles and leverage extended labels as strategic assets in their packaging solutions.

As the packaging industry continues to evolve, extended labels emerge as a versatile tool, transcending linguistic barriers, amplifying messaging, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

With innovation and collaboration at the forefront, the journey towards enhanced packaging solutions is paved with endless possibilities.