US-based subscription-based robotic solutions provider AAA20 Group has combined its Collaborative Palletizer Robot with an automatic stretch wrapper to create an improved system for end-of-line packaging operations.

The new machine integration minimises overheads and improves the efficiency of end-of-line packaging facility floor space.

Its robotic component includes the option for a CP-100 or CP-200 robot that offers a gripping capacity of 22lb or 44lb, respectively.

Using a robotic system, users can significantly save costs for various packaging lines that require end-of-line palletising.

By adding an automatic stretch wrapper machine to the packaging line, the need to transport stacked pallets to stretch wrapper stations is eliminated.

AAA20 Group co-founder Karen Mallouk said: “Our innovative integration effectively addresses the common issue of transporting loose pallets that are not properly secured or wrapped.

“This can result in products shifting or falling off during transportation, causing potential damage or loss. For example, unstable stacks of diapers or feminine care products can fall during the short journey from the palletiser to the stretch-wrapper machine.

“With our solution, this problem is eliminated as the stacking and wrapping processes are seamlessly combined in one location.”

The integrated system also removes the involvement of human workers and lowers pallet failure risk.

Customers can purchase or rent the integrated systems, the company said.

Mallouk added: “This machine integration eliminates the need for robotics or stretch wrapper machinery expertise, as our application experts will fully configure the system and deliver a turnkey solution.

“We will match the robot/shrink wrapper combination with your specific application.”