Joint venture company Acorn Pulp Group has announced the procurement of an advanced moulded fibre manufacturing machine. 

The purchase agreement has been reached with Southern Moulded Pulp and Moulded Fibre Technologies.

It is part of the company’s goal to offer greater quality products and service to customers at competitive prices.

Acorn Pulp Group plans to install the new factory and equipment in the Greater Sacramento/Napa region or Northern Nevada.

The company expects to begin operation in the late second quarter of next year.

Acorn CEO David Weissberg said: “We are truly excited about this opportunity to further enhance our existing relationships with both our customers and vendors in the region.

“Acorn Pulp Group will be an employer of choice offering opportunity for full time high-quality manufacturing jobs with training and skill development.

“We understand that equipment alone will not make us successful; it’s going to be the hard-working employees that prove to be our key to execution.”

Acorn Pulp Group is a joint venture between Acorn West Paper and other strategic investors.

Acorn West Paper Products is a division of fourth generation packaging company Oak Paper Products and supplies packaging to the California and North American wine markets.

It also has a number of patents in the moulded pulp area.

The company will remain focused on sustainable and “green” packaging, as well as on sectors such as wine, food, agriculture, medical, and technology.