US-based container manufacturer and seller Advanced Container Technologies (ACTX) has launched a range of bags for the food and agriculture industries.

Named Store ‘n’ Seal Bags, the packaging products have been made using commercial-grade plastic, featuring thick 5ml plastic with a resealable zipper at the top.

The water-tight bags are odour and leak-proof and available in two variants, a silver bag with a transparent window and a black-out bag. They can carry product quantities of up to 2lb.

Store ‘n’ Seal Bags are designed for packing vegetables, lettuce and leafy greens, as well as cannabis.

The development is in line with ACTX’s three-part mission to ‘revolutionise’ the agriculture industry.

The company is contributing to the growth of clean, healthy produce and crops, improving the supply chain and minimising food contamination caused by chemical expiration.

ACTX provides vertically integrated solutions for farm-to-table food products and farm-to-dispensary cannabis products.

The company’s products range from packaging and branding solutions to cultivation systems, fertilisers and distribution networks.

ACTX claims to have become ‘a single-point solution for grocers, growers, restaurants and retailers’.

The company recently reported that its year-over-year revenues had increased by $1,782,000 or 209% compared to the same period of last year.

ACTX also distributes Grow Pods, self-contained ‘micro-farms’ equipped with advanced technology to be used as transportable food-grade shipping containers.

Grow Pods are designed to allow users to grow a range of horticultural products, including cannabis and hemp, in all environments and climates.

Last November, ACTX began selling its bottle and packaging solutions for the cannabis industry in Oklahoma.

The company expanded its operations in Tulsa to sell bottles and packaging, technology and components, including Grow Pods.

ACTX also reached an agreement with travel industry software provider GP Solutions to gain exclusive rights to market, sell and distribute GP Solutions’ products in the US.