Aicomp Group has announced an expansion of its partnership with Esko, a company known for providing integrated software and hardware solutions for the packaging, labelling, and wide-format sectors.

This collaboration introduces a new integration of computer-aided design (CAD) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, aimed at improving the packaging design and manufacturing process.

The integration of Aicomp’s ERP solutions with Esko’s CAD systems is designed to facilitate a seamless flow of information from the design stage through to production.

This development targets the needs of paper and packaging manufacturers by enhancing efficiency and accuracy in the manufacturing sector.

Meeting industry needs

Karl Harvey, general manager at Aicomp UK, stated that this integration aims to streamline the design and production process and improve the ability of manufacturers to respond to market demands.

The collaboration focuses on increasing precision and customisation in the packaging industry.

The new integration offers several potential benefits, including improved operational efficiency, reduced time to market, and the capability to produce complex designs more easily.

The system is intended to support manufacturers of various sizes, from large-scale operations to mid-sized companies.

Focus on industry-specific solutions

This partnership reflects a broader trend towards innovation in the packaging industry, with a focus on developing solutions that are both efficient and customisable.

The integration of CAD and ERP systems is part of an ongoing effort to enhance business processes and meet the specific needs of the industry.