Amazon said it remains dedicated to enhancing its packaging practices for the benefit of both its customers and the environment.

The e-commerce giant has released a look at the strides it has made in packaging innovation and sustainability.

Strategic approaches to reducing unnecessary packaging

Amazon has embraced the ‘Ships in Product Packaging’ programme, shipping 11% of orders without added Amazon packaging in 2022.

This initiative leverages machine learning to identify products suitable for safe shipping without additional packaging. Collaboration with selling partners ensures innovative packaging solutions.

Since 2021, Amazon said the number of products shipped without additional packaging has grown by more than 50% in Japan and more than tripled in Australia. In 2022, it claims to have grown that number by more than 50% in Europe.

Vendors on the platform can also receive rewards for reducing their packaging. Despite losing some branding visibility due to reduced packaging volume, Amazon anticipates that this approach will foster customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Expanding paper-based packaging solutions

When additional packaging is necessary, Amazon has emphasised paper-based solutions.

In Europe, Amazon has replaced its single-use plastic delivery bags with recyclable paper and cardboard packaging, eliminating more than one billion single-use plastic delivery bags in the process.

In the US, the company’s automated fulfilment centres are transitioning from plastic to weather-resistant paper whilst in India the business said it has eliminated single-use, thin-film plastic packaging.

Correct-sized packaging solutions

The company said it prioritises using minimal protective packaging through machine learning algorithms.

Over the past five years, these algorithms are claimed to have reduced corrugated box usage by more than 35% in North America and Europe.

Correct-sized cardboard boxes have also resulted in a 7% to 10% annual reduction in cardboard waste in North America.

Looking forward, Amazon remains steadfast in its commitment to reducing packaging and increasing recyclable materials.

The company has vowed to continually update customers on progress, ensuring a sustainable and environmentally responsible approach to order shipments.