Shareholders of e-commerce giant Amazon are to vote on a resolution that would require the company to disclose its plastic packaging footprint.

The resolution was filed by non-profit foundation As You Sow and will be voted on during Amazon’s Annual Meeting on 25 May.

If approved, Amazon will be required to issue a report on how it will reduce its plastic packaging use and contribution to plastic pollution.

The report will also need to state the amount of plastic packaging the retailer uses.

Last June, 35.5% of Amazon’s shareholders voted in favour of a resolution that required the company to provide a report quantifying its use of single-use plastics.

Despite this, the retailer failed to report on its plastic footprint and did not respond even when repeatedly requested to release the data.

Non-profit ocean conservation organisation Oceana is now requesting shareholders to vote ‘Yes’ on Item Eight in the upcoming annual meeting.

Earlier this year, the organisation sent a letter to Amazon shareholders providing five reasons why they should support the resolution.

Oceana senior vice-president Matt Littlejohn said: “This is a prime opportunity for shareholders to have Amazon do right by its customers and the planet.

“Pressure is mounting as more investors learn about the company’s plastic problem and more customers call for plastic-free alternatives.

“Amazon’s plastic packaging generates a massive amount of waste and plastic pollution is devastating the world’s oceans.

“Voting in favour of this resolution is voting to help save the oceans and marine life.”

In December last year, a report from Oceana revealed that the levels of plastic pollution caused by Amazon’s deliveries increased by 29% over the course of a year.

Amazon denied the report’s legitimacy, claiming it overestimated the retailer’s plastic usage by more than 300%.