Amcor, a leading producer of sustainable packaging solutions, has partnered with Stonyfield Organic, the top maker of organic yoghurt in the US, and Cheer Pack North America, a spouted pouch expert, to develop the first-ever all-polyethylene (PE) spouted pouch.

Amcor said this pioneering collaboration offers a more sustainable packaging option without compromising on performance.

Sustainable design meets functionality

The new pouch replaces Stonyfield Organic’s previous multilayered packaging with a more eco-friendly design for its YoBaby refrigerated yoghurt.

Amcor’s AmPrima Plus, a fully PE film designed for optimal recyclability according to the APR Design Guide, forms the base of the pouch while the Vizi cap, provided by Cheer Pack North America, completes the package.

This combination eliminates metallised or foil layers commonly found in traditional pouches while maintaining the necessary heat resistance for spout attachment.

Additionally, the Vizi cap contributes to plastic reduction by more than five tonnes per 10mm cap size.

Collaboration ensures performance and efficiency

Amcor’s research and development team partnered closely with Cheer Pack North America’s pouching and spouting specialists to ensure the AmPrima Plus structure functioned seamlessly in production environments.

This collaboration resulted in a pouch with several key features:

Premium graphics: Offering high-quality visuals for brand recognition.

Enhanced barrier properties: Effectively protecting the yoghurt from moisture and oxygen, ensuring product freshness.

Durable seals: Maintaining a secure closure throughout the product’s life cycle, even under challenging conditions.

Production compatibility: Functioning efficiently on both Cheer Pack North America’s converting lines and Stonyfield Organic’s filling lines.

Commitment to sustainability

“This custom-engineered solution is the result of a longstanding relationship between Amcor, Stonyfield Organic and Cheer Pack North America. We are proud to collaborate with cross-channel partners in the development of this highly innovative solution that helps Stonyfield reach its sustainability goals,” said Tom Schell, senior director of research and development at Amcor Flexibles North America.

This groundbreaking collaboration demonstrates the potential for sustainable packaging advancements.

The first all-PE spouted pouch paves the way for a greener future in the packaging industry.