Global packaging solutions provider Amcor has announced that its production plant in Londrina, Brazil has received International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISSC) Plus status.

ISCC Plus, a standard for recycled and biobased materials, validates that the associated company fulfils the required environmental and social standards.

Intended to provide traceability along the supply chain, this certification also evaluates and verifies if companies using the mass balance approach are following predefined and transparent rules for mass balance accounting or not.

Amcor Flexibles’ manufacturing unit has now become the first such plant in the Central/South American region to achieve this certification, the company noted.

This key milestone further signifies that Amcor’s Londrina-based plant is eligible to use various advanced recycled materials for the development of new packaging solutions, which it can add to its existing portfolio.

According to Amcor, it will utilise advanced recycling materials using technology that will enable the company to convert collected plastic waste into brand-new products.

Such products have a similar quality and performance as that of the products made using virgin raw materials.

This advanced technology will also help customers in choosing a more sustainable solution by boosting the use of circular content in their packaging.

Amcor Flexibles Latin America president Ruben Melara said: “We are continually exploring ways to increase the use of recycled content in our packaging.

“The ISCC Plus certification will enable us to deliver advanced recycling materials across Latin America and expand the options for customers seeking more sustainable packaging solutions.”

The latest certification will help Amcor in reinforcing its commitment to reach 30% recycled content in its products by 2030. The certification is also compliant with the company’s other sustainability goals that ensure all of its products are recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025.