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Amcor and Janoschka have jointly developed a new micro-embossing printing technology, Jaholo, which can produce a prismatic and pattern movement on carton packaging.

The new technology helps boost additional appeal and engagement for the brands, leveraging Janoschka’s integrated pre-press expertise with Amcor’s global printing and converting capabilities.

Amcor folding carton business Innovation and Strategy vice-president Ilya Syshchikov said: “Our customers want packaging that generates visual attention and engagement for their brands.”

Manufactured through a special pre-press and inline gravure micro-embossing, Jaholo can be integrated into the existing packaging line with current designs and decoration features including metallic effects.

It is compatible with multiple board types including SBS, FBB and other laminated boards. It also offers significant design flexibility to develop specific geometric shapes, patterns, lines, text, and logos on any background colour.

The collaboration has also successfully tested 30 generic Jaholo patterns.

“The collaboration has also successfully tested 30 generic Jaholo patterns.”

Amcor’s two European folding carton facilities supplies Jaholo, while its cylinders are made at Janoschka’s engraving sites in Germany, Russia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Brazil.

Amcor has also planned the additional roll-out of Jaholo from its facilities in Asia and Americas by the end of this year to meet the growing demand,

Amcor focuses on providing rigid and flexible packaging solutions to a variety of industries including food, beverage, healthcare, personal care and tobacco markets.

With a workforce of nearly 35,000, it operates more than 200 sites located across 40 countries.

Image: Amcor and Janoschka introduce special micro-embossing printing technology ‘Jaholo’. Photo: courtesy of Amcor Limited.