Zurich-based Amcor has announced a new labelling service option for brands to demonstrate their carbon reduction efforts to end consumers.

The company said that brands can opt to print ‘Reducing CO2 Packaging’ label created by the Carbon Trust on Amcor packaging from this year.

The decision is in line with Amcor’s lifecycle assessment service, which helps brands to measure their packaging’s carbon footprint from raw materials through end-of-use and allow them to independently communicate the information.

Amcor Flexibles sustainability director Gerald Rebitzer said: “Consumers are concerned about climate change and want to reward those brands that demonstrate they are taking action.

“We work with customers to help them measure and reduce their packaging’s carbon footprint.

“This can be achieved by using lower-impact materials such as films made from plant-based material instead of fossil-fuels; by designing for recycling streams; light-weighting and other methods.”

Companies need to demonstrate a carbon footprint reduction of 20% or more to use the label, noted Amcor.

Carbon Trust conducts audits every year and certifies the methodology used in ASSET so that brands are aware of the relevant industry standards.

Amcor completed the first customer pilot for the labelling service in Europe and is planning to speed-up roll-out in the next few months.

Carbon Trust senior manager Silvana Centty said: “It is great to see companies like Amcor develop tools to provide transparent carbon footprint information to their customers. The ability for Amcor’s packaging to also include the Carbon Trust carbon label goes one step further in helping brands to communicate their carbon reduction efforts to end consumers.”