Australian plastic packaging manufacturer, Amcor Rigid Plastics has unveiled a new 24oz round, wide-mouth PET jar for the food industry.

The stock hot-fill container is an ideal lightweight replacement for glass for pasta sauces, apple sauce, salsas, jams and jellies, and

The recyclable and lightweight 63mm jar has improved product evacuation, weighs 51g and mimics the appearance of glass.

The wide-mouth technology delivers a panelless design. The bottle’s four horizontal ribs and its stiff walls resist the vacuum as the product cools, while maintaining bottle shape.

Another key feature of the product is the company’s blow-trim technology, which ensures consistent finish dimensions, optimum closure performance and sealing integrity, and gives wide-mouth jars a flatter, smoother, and wider surface that maintains good fit and seal integrity, Amcor says.

Amcor expects pasta sauce to be the first hot-fill product to use the jars, hitting retail later in 2011.